Exploring Zorbitecture

Inspirations and Origins of a Zorbish Art Collection

When I joined Zora a couple of months ago, I stumbled upon the homepage and encountered a couple of Zorbs that immediately sparked my inspiration.

I was captivated by the uniqueness of the concept. The idea of a collective expression under the same theme intrigued me, prompting the creation of my initial Zorbish art piece, Think Inside the Box.

Then I started thinking inside the box. As I delved deeper into the Zora community, I created Cumulative Effort Zorb, drawing inspiration from the blockchain itself and the diverse group of participants contributing to it.

Given my appreciation for long-form series and world-building, I took pen and paper to develop ideas. My first notion was to explore various styles, art movements, and mediums within the framework of Zorbs, leading to the inception of Zorbtopia.

While working on Zorbtopia, I created Zorbs set in garden/landscape settings and others inspired by brutalism. These endeavors served as the catalyst for the birth of the next collection—Zorbitecture.

I delved into various architectural styles, crafting a collection of 120 styles. Some were influenced by classical styles like brutalism, while others embraced a more abstract approach, such as bio-inspired deconstructive postmodernism.

This exploration then led to the conceptualization of spaces—a bar, a rooftop, a meditation room, a wine cellar, a shopping mall, among others.

In the end, I created 100 exteriors and 200 interiors for this project. Zorbitecture is essentially a fusion of my love for architecture and the exciting possibilities offered by the Zorb concept.

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