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Why we're building Emerald

Long-term, onchain wealth

Today, we are excited to introduce Emerald — the app where opportunity comes to you. Instead of manually searching around for the best onchain opportunities, Emerald finds the best cross-chain yield positions and lets you enter it in as little as one click.

Like many others, we first got into crypto with the faint idea that cryptocurrencies and blockchains would reshape the future of the Internet. By investing our time, money, and effort into the space, we hoped to not only contribute to the next big thing, but also take our shot at building enduring wealth. Over the years, we’ve seen prices swing wildly in both direction, and ridden the rollercoaster from the highest-highs all the way to the lowest-lows. Back then, things were still pretty simple — you just didn’t have that many options for things to do.

But, as web3 has grown in value, so too has the complexity of its investment landscape. Opportunities are everywhere, and with new tokens, protocols, and networks popping up every day, it’s become increasing challenging for users to sift through the noise to identify genuine opportunities for sustainable wealth creation.

And we’ve felt this pain first hand. From the most basic questions of, “Where are my assets”, to the decision fatigue of not knowing where to put our money — not to mention the difficulty of actually getting to these positions confidently.

That’s why we’re building Emerald. From the beginning our goal has always been to build onchain wealth, and with Emerald we want to make it easy for everyone to do the same. We’re not interested in building another protocol or aggregator — there is already enough of those. Instead we’re working at the top and bottom of the stack to provide the simplest onchain experience. Going forward you can expect us to continue work on connecting the decentralized web and creating a more personalized experience.

You can see your onchain opportunities here, and find us hanging out on Farcaster.

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