Artist In Residency Makersplace, Blue Moon Airdrop, imnotArt: Patchwork Glitch, Frieze x Korea Blockchain Week

Makersplace Artist in Residency: Neo-Noir Cycle

The biggest news lately is my Makersplace Artist in Residency! It started a few weeks ago with each week a new piece releasing for auction on Tuesdays.

About how it all came to be:

Neo-Noir Cycle started as visual experimentations in April/May of the idea of neon noir - combining noir high contrast chiarascuro but with my oversaturated colors that look almost Neon. Some of the first experimentations of this style can be found on SuperRare + Objkt + Zora.

MP proposed in May a one time drop at first, which I shared a few of the pieces of this new process aesthetic and they were excited about. After a few weeks of working on the initial series for the drop, the idea of showcasing common feminine archetypes that are used in literature and mythology in a cycle style series came to fruition.

I saw how important it was to showcase these archetypes as stand alone figures because a lot of times they are historically in stories in relation to the more masculine figures "hero's journey" which takes center stage. As an intersectional feminist, I think we all can benefit from understanding our feminine sides more, instead of repressing, and the cycles she goes through as she matures and goes through her own journey.

This is also a reflection of my own inner work of self discovery and understanding as I've journied over the last couple years alone healing my traumatized feminine side and finding and solidifying my own voice. This journey isn't all live, laugh, love positive bullshit. It also includes a lot of diving deep into the shadow self and confronting/loving ones demons too, which again tips to the contrast nature of the noir aesthetic.

When I proposed the thematic series, MP team came back with the idea of creating a new Artist in Residence Program to give time and space to each piece in this series - instead of one mega drop. I was excited for this not just for honor and glory, but also to help pave the way for other artists to have an extended time and support to showcase work with depth and intricacy that isn't just easily and quickly consumed.

This week’s piece: The Huntress who represents fiercely independent feminity with a close link to nature - a steward of maintaining balanced ecosystems. Her role is to protect nature as much as self preservation.

Read more about this series and view all the pieces here.

Full Moon Token: Blue Moon Airdrop

8/31 marks a Blue Moon Full Moon - meaning the second full moon in a calendar month - which also makes this months 2nd airdrop for Full Moon Token holders. Don’t know what that is? Check it out here on OBJKT

IMNOTART: Patchwork Glitch

PATCHWORK GLITCH is a group exhibition illuminating Glitch Art as a storytelling medium  co-curated by me and Sky Goodman that will be opening at imnotArt gallery in Chicago 9/1/2023 with the work dropping on the same day! I will have work in this show also.

If you are in the Chicago Area and want to attend, you can RSVP here

Frieze x Korea Blockchain Week

I’m absolutely proud to announce I was selected as 1 of 10 New Talent Artists selected to be exhibited in the heart of Seoul on Billboards in Double Interface from Art Innovation for Frieze x Korea Blockchain Week. This is the first time my work will be on billboard public display.

Capitulation will be the piece exhibited (owned by Robness).

My art will be on display in other venues for Frieze that are TBA. I will send out an email closer to the week with more details of all the place my art will be <3


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