Bad Glitches Only: Medusa

New Drop <3

First gallery show of the year! SuperChief Bad Glitches Only part 2 was on view in NYC and drop is Live on Foundation.


11/11 edition at .111 $eth each


On Medusa -

How this piece came to be is first to go back to Miami 2022, I placed a bunch of art in AR at different locations in Miami to claim through @IllustSpace - one of them being at the Versace Mansion in South Beach - where Versace was murdered. (I like spooky shit) It's still there in AR hanging out:…

Fast forward to this year in Miami, I was telling Robness the story of how I placed a Dos Trash Bird there in AR in a digital graffitti attempt the year before. We were walking by the mansion and he was like "We should rent out the mansion for trash art". At first I just laughed, but then I thought about it and was like hells yeah.

Right now it still feels like a pipe dream to do personally, but who knows, and I have been thinking a lot about it - trash art, versace, and murder and the Medusa logo kept coming in my head. Both Versace and Medusa were murdered I kept thinking, so wild of coincidence of someone who made the Gorgon his house's emblem. So I started making Medusa art "to summon the ghost of Versace to bless our endevours" to have a mega art party in his house.

As a life long student of religions, Medusa has always been a figure I related to as a survivor and someone who needed to carry the burden of other people's actions and be demonized for it. Through the course of creating it, I went back to this relation I have to her. The difference this time is instead of grieving the feeling of generations of women being used and abused and villified, I felt a switch flip again on the idea of transmutation - which actually the snake represents in a lot of magic practices.

In this case transmuting the curses we bear into blessings. Medusa met with a tragic end in mythology, but her curse also protected her from a lot of people who tried to violate her. Even after her death, her head was mounted on Athena's shield to further protect her in battle. So she became an homage - to the suffering we all have to endure sometimes and the power, strength and beauty that can come from it - because on a personal level she represents all at once the past, my current struggles to transmute it to beauty and hopes for the future.


Here is a dope video of the show and Medusa on Display

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