Billboard in Korea, The Queen, Here + Now x PoTZ virtual party/drop, Procreate Dreams!!!, ClickCreate

👑💥In the mega spotlight! My art, up in dazzling lights on a Korean billboard thanks to Art Innovation part of the Double Interface exhibition for Frieze Art. ✨

🖤 Grateful for the love and support that has gotten me to this point. 🖤

The Queen «now live»

The Queen is auction is now live on Makersplace with an opening bid place. This is #6 in the Neo-Noir Cycle. I discuss more in depth the meaning of this piece along with my journey as an artist in spaces with Makersplace here

>>view and bid on the queen here<<

Here & Now x People of Tezos Drop Party


Join us for a special H&N x PoTz drop party - which will include the start of auctions for a ton of different artists »» my self portrait being one of them.

>> Check out more info on H&N here <<


Here is the summary from the procreate dreams full product reveal for you lazy ones who don't want to watch the whole video. There is probably more but these are the main key takeaways:

- New stand alone app focused on making animation as easy but robust as possible so we as animators can focus on story and get a more organic creative flow in one app instead of hopping across all the different apps to animate

- Performing mode - automatically record movements created gesturally on iPad for assets to be animated

- 1 mill x 1 mill pixel max resolution (not a typo)

- Unlimited undo states

- Intuitive, gestural and robust timeline: almost all tools are in the timeline accessible gesturally and not menus on menus to get lost in

- All procreate native brushes work in it

- Can import video + audio

- Flipbook mode for easy and focused frame by frame animation

- Real time rendering engine: no waiting for works to render or lag at all

- New painting engine which will also come to Procreate OG app

- New Procreate native file .dream to make all of the upgraded tech possible

- Only 1 time payment of $19.99

- This just first release, much in the works with this app

- Release Nov 22 2023

I am so excited for this and can say for certain for me as an artist it will change everything in my workflow. I finally will be able to combine easily my video/glitch/ai art with my frame by frame animations. Nov 22 can’t come soon enough - also if anyone knows anyone at procreate who can give me early access - I’m just going to put that out there.

ClickCreate Drop

This month I have the honor of being included in the ClickCreate Digital Disobedience curation by Patrick Amadon along with so many other amazing artists. My week will be the last week of the month - but keep an eye on ClickCreate for all the amazing drops coming.

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