NYC Incoming

Let's Party!

NYC is incoming! Besides my work being exhibited at the main NFTNYC event in the Artist Village, here is a list of events I will be speaking at or have my work at:

4/1 - Palm Network NYC Pre-Party

I will speaking at this event which I also co-curated the Egalitarian Utopia group show that will be on display there.

4/2 - Tezos Stellar Exhibition

Both my art will be on exhibition here and I will be speaking on the panel at 3:30 PM

4/4 - MAIF Machine God? Panel

This panel I'm particularly excited for, because spirituality x technology is my favorite subject to explore.

4/2 - 4/6 - Frogs Over Fiat

I will be hanging out here when I'm not busy other places and my piece, PEPECASHGRAB, should be on display:

See you around NYC! This isn't an exhaustive list of where I will be attending, but what's the fun of telling everyone where I will be the whole time :3

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