Oncyber Spaces, Zora Open Edition + Redlion Freebie + Record Sales

Hey all - I haven’t updated my newsletter in a few because I have been just grinding getting projects done. I have some big announcements coming soon, but for now here are some quick updates.

Zora L2 Open Edition: Material Girl

Material Girl is part of my genesis collection on Zora - New Wave Cyberpunk: A series exploring feminine identity at the intersection of current cyberpunk and 70/80s punk culture.

.01 $eth each, 72 HR OE available at 10am CST 7/6/2023 - 8p CST 7/9/2023 on Zora’s new L2 network. It’s super easy to bridge ETH to their L2 for lower gas fees .

What’s extra special is this piece will also be able to be burn redeemed for future Zora L2 drop in this collection.

What is even more extra special about this piece is Zora not only featured it on the front page - they featured it right next to Grimes! I’m a Grimes fangirl, and she is a huge inspiration where I listen to her music a lot when I create, so I’m freaking out to say the least.

Mint Link: https://zora.co/collect/zora:0x5c87b0de8e6b9ed0e89f9448644c6b7674f14281/1

How to Bridge to Zora L2:


Redlion Freebie

This week I have been curated to be included in the Redlion Gazette as the free artdop with purchase of this weeks issue! It is part of an ongoing curation by Tchuuuly of an exhibition called Purrr - cat related art to heal the soul.

Mint Link:


Notable Collection

If you have been following along on social media you will have noticed my work has been selling to a lot of notable collectors. With Batsoupyum, Anonymousx, Art Pleb and more all adding my work to their collections over the last couple months - I’m honored to share Patrick Amadon has also purchased my work as part of his 404 July Art Catalog purchases. You can see all the works he acquired in this thread here:


Here are some further thoughts on my recent success which I also posted on Twitter -

This last month I have made more from my solo 1/1 art sales than I have my entire crypto art AND trad art career. This is a major milestone for me which I'm very proud to share.

When the market downturned last year, after some adjustment, I told myself I wouldn't let it dictate my career or success. I kept trying to exhibit, organizing group shows and drops, learning new software, experimenting with new techniques and minting work.

As my friends around me started to get more flowers and success, instead of being a dick about it, I genuinely was happy they succeeded. I continued to try to keep doors open for others as they were opened for me.

When I felt close to failing, I expressed it to those I trusted to vent and recenter and for advice, instead of taking it out on them. With my past, maintaining healthy relationships is a challenge, even if it is strictly professional, that I have to work on daily to overcome. The patience and kindness of those close to me can not be overstated.

Even with this milestone, I still stress tf out and keep my nose down the best I can and keep to the grind that got me here. Just cause I obtained very nice sales this month doesn't mean it will be consistent and sustainable. This I know from a decade of trying to be a professional artist - it can be feast with months of famine. It doesn't mean I will stop.

To express the gratitude I feel for the abundance that has come my way this month is almost impossible. There are quite literally too many people to thank for everything that has happened between artists, friends, curators and collectors who keep pushing me and my work out there. Thank you and I love you all <3

Spaces w/Oncyber

I had a really great interview with Oncyber in spaces earlier this week which you can check out here: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1kvJpmoMzkDxE?s=20

Don’t forget to check out all my work and links here and click the subscribe button below:


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