Rug Radio, Seoul, Lisbon, Milan...oh my! + DOS PUNK DAO AoM for June, Tez Trash Solstice

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Hey all - Here is this weeks update! So much has happened since the last newsletter so let’s dig right in.

Rug Radio

I made an appearance at the beginning of the month on Rug Radio w/Pussy Riot + Farokh to kick of Pride month. I mostly just introduced myself and talked about the social action work I do in the space. There were a lot of great points shared in the space overall about Pride month. If you want to check it out here is the link: Twitter spaces with Farokh + Pussy Riot on Rug Radio

DOSDAO Discussions

The first of a multi-part interview by Jon Cates with me for Dos Punks Dao is now out. Check it out here!

Exhibitions Galore

This last week I had three exhibitions across the world - Seoul, Milan and Lisbon. What is so significant about this besides being international is they all were on the same day. Synchronicities happen like this often for me. This time last year my work was on the front page of three major marketplaces - OpenSea, KnownOrigin, and Makersplace. The cycle returns but larger <3

Seoul: Hearts + Glitches

Curated by Patrick Amadon, Aeonverse at Uncommon Gallery put together the first glitch art show in Korea AND the first time my work has been exhibited in Korea. The list of artists is astounding including Patrick, Jak, Max Capacity, Dawnia - LetsGlitchIt, and an long list of other amazing glitch artists. See videos and find out more on their Twitter:

Lisbon: SuperChief x NFC Summit

SuperChief did a boss move at NFC Summit and had our works from the Bad Glitches Only show that I helped curate and was exhibited in. This exhibition has traveled across the world starting at NFT Rome, was displayed in NYC, and now Lisbon. They said it will keep traveling, and I’m excited to see where all this dope art pops up next.

Milan: Metaforum Milano

Vandalo Ruins - an organizer in Europe for many events - put Human Rights//Down Bad up at Metaforum Milano making this particular piece being exhibited on two sides of the world at once - Korea and Italy.

DOS DAO Artist of the Month

This months Artist of the Month is Estelle Flores. She is a contemporary artist from Brazil exploring game art.

You can read more in her words about her work in this thread:


TezTrash is coming again this solstice! Mark your calendars to make and collect some art!

New Works on SuperRare

Over the last few weeks I have minted more works on SuperRare.

Ascension // To be honest I don't even know why I let myself get down in the first place.

In The Digital//The heart beats hard in the digital.

You can check out all my new SR works here:

LinkTree to all collections:

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