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ENS DAO Newsletter #45



Get Involved with frENSday! The deadline to apply as a speaker for frENSday is on October 13. Don’t miss this chance to share your industry insights on November 13, 2023, in Istanbul, Türkiye. Additionally, there are opportunities to sponsor the event or volunteer. Apply, grab an Early Bird ticket, or learn more about these opportunities on the frENSday website. You can also delve deeper by reading the ENS blog post about frENSday 2023.


📰 Newsletter Roundup (tl;dr)

  • ENS Labs Update: frENSday, ETHRome, Repo updates

  • Community Updates: I-CANN-o-worms, 1W3 milestone, 3DNS beta

  • Meta-Governance: Proposals executed, Pairwise, Code4rena bounty live

  • Public Goods: ETH Istanbul Public Goods track, Project presentations

  • Ecosystem: Resolv3r, NameGuard, Onthis

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Welcome to the ENS DAO Newsletter:

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Refer to ENS DAO Calendar for ENS DAO working group calls and other events.

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ENS Labs Updates

Identity in Your Apps | Presented by @gregskril

Greg Skril from ENS Labs presented their workshop titled “Identity in Your Apps” to a community of builders during last month’s ETHGlobal Hackathon in New York City. The video covers ENS fundamentals, scaling the protocol on L2 like Optimism, and other applications such as Web3 messaging. Watch now. — 09.28.23 

frENSday Tickets Available Now

Save the date: November 13, 2023. Tickets for frENSday are now available. Set in Istanbul, a city renowned for its cultural richness and rising prominence in crypto adoption, frENSday, initiated by the Ethereum Foundation and led by ENS, aims to foster inclusivity and transformation within the Ethereum, ENS, and broader Web3 communities. Catering to a diverse audience, ranging from seasoned developers to Web3 newcomers, the event offers an array of engaging talks (featuring Vitalik.eth), workshops, and significant announcements. Expecting 1,500-2,000 global attendees, the occasion is more than just a single-day conference. It serves as a precursor to a week’s worth of Ethereum events as part of DevConnect 2023. frENSday features specialized tracks, from challenging innovative norms to exploring digital identity and decentralized organization governance. Apply the code nick.eth at frENSday · Luma for $5 off an early-bird ticket. — 09.29.23 

ETHRome Re-cap

From the 6th to the 8th October 2023, Rome hosted ETHRome, the inaugural ETHalian Hackathon with a thematic focus on Governance & Privacy. Designed by experienced builders, the event was envisaged as a springboard for innovators in the space. ENS sponsored this event with a 5k bounty to catalyze innovation. During the event, the FluidKEY ENS project was recognized as the standout entry in the Privacy track, winning the category. ENS Labs was actively represented at ETHRome with team members Matoken.eth, Luc.eth, Tanrikulu.eth, and Luc.eth in attendance, highlighting ENS’s commitment to the community and innovation in the crypto space. Notably, Matoken.eth took to the stage to delve into discussions surrounding ENS DAO governance, reinforcing the discourse on decentralized governance mechanisms and their pivotal role in the evolving blockchain narrative. Check out the highlight reel here. — 10.08.23 

Recent updates from the ENS Repository

  1. Repository: Governance Docs

    • Commit by Arachnid: An update was made to the document, which pertains to funding the endowment’s second tranche. Supplementary information can be found here.

  2. Repository: ENS Metadata Service

    • Commit by Mdtanrikulu: An update titled beautify names with symbols was committed, focusing on enhancing the aesthetics of names with symbols.

  3. Repository: ENS Domains Landing V2

    • Commit by LeonmanRolls: An update was made to, which likely contains general information or instructions regarding the repository.

  4. Repository: Docs V2

    • Commit by lucemans: The Github Name file was updated, although the specific nature of the update is not detailed; learn how to contribute here.

  5. Repository: ENS Contracts

    • Commit by jefflau:

      • deploy-dnssec-registrar

      • l2-reverse-registrar

  6. New Repository: EVM Gateway

    • The new repository evmgateway is now available on GitHub, offering possibly a new gateway interface for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) within the ENS domain ecosystem.

ENS Media Alerts

Community Updates

ICANN-o-worms | ETHLimo

The team at initiated the development of limo-web3-dns, an avant-garde domain-specific adaptation of the DNS protocol tailored for direct resolution of ENS records. This endeavor aims to enhance traditional DNS functionality by incorporating on-chain ENS domain records, facilitating unmediated resolution through most network-savvy clients. The motivation stems from the ENS leading decentralized edge over Web2 DNS services, coupled with the imminent .eth TLD’s entry into the ICANN domain. Given the contemporary issues like centralization risks by registrar-centric nameserver infrastructures and compatibility challenges between Web2 DNS and ENS content fields, the project emphasizes community operation, native ENS resolution extensions, cryptographic verification, and more. They welcome collaborative contributions to their open-source endeavor, join the discussion. — 10.02.23 

1W3 Celebrates Signifcant Milestone

In September, 1W3 celebrated a significant milestone as ENS websites developed with 1W3 amassed a remarkable 26,000 pageviews! This achievement underscores the growing impact of decentralized web solutions. A significant part of this success can be attributed to the robust and active community of developers and builders backing the platform. Moreover, 1W3 proudly announced crossing the 1,000-user mark. Additionally, to enhance user experience, the platform has introduced new features, including a convenient ‘pay with PayPal’ option. Congratulations to hidayath.eth and the entire community for these accomplishments! — 10.02.23 

3DNS: Pioneering Onchain Domain Registration with .box, Bridging Web3 and Web2

The .box service, mentioned by @nick.eth in June 2023, is a new onchain domain registration system bridging Web3 and Web2 through ENS. Currently in closed Beta at, it’s processing waitlisted domain registrations. Approved registrants are notified via email to initiate domain registration, which then appear on OpenSea. Upcoming features include domain transfer to 3DNS, support for more TLDs, user documentation, and the @boxdomains launch, along with a rebate program for early adopters through a partnership with @OptimismFDN. Notable ENS community members have shown support for this initiative. — 10.04.23 

Working Group Bulletin

Q3/Q4 Lead Working Group Stewards + Secretary Appointment


The responsibilities of the Lead Stewards & Secretary are set out in Rule 9.8 and Rule 9.9 of the Working Group Rules.

ENS DAO Working Group Schedule (Q3/Q4 2023):

Note: Working Group Budgets for Q3/Q4 are linked within each respective row.


The Meta-Governance working group hosted its weekly meetings on September 26th, 2023 and October 3rd, 2023:

Note: view the September financial report, prepared by @Steakouse here.

Endowment Updates

The community raised concerns about Karpatkey’s heavy reliance on LIDO’s stETH token in their investment strategies, noting LIDO’s substantial 32.26% stake of all staked ETH. Despite Karpatkey’s current 70%/30% stETH/rETH strategy, they have set an objective for a 20%/50%/30% stETH/rETH/Other LSTs split. They emphasized the risks of moving away from a trusted token like stETH. While there were suggestions to cap or completely divest from stETH, the majority consensus leaned towards a 20% exposure. Karpatkey intends to reduce their LIDO exposure to this level by October’s end and will soon release a detailed plan for community feedback. — 10.03.23 

DAO Tooling

Pairwise, introduced by @Griff, is a pioneering voting tool designed to simplify complex decision-making processes involving multiple variables, such as selecting from numerous small grant projects. Instead of being overwhelmed by numerous choices, users are presented with a series of “This-or-That” decisions between two projects. After responding to these paired decisions, users receive a proposed ranked list for submission. While still in its prototype stage, ENS is considering incorporating Pairwise in their upcoming small grants round to streamline the voting experience. They would appreciate your support for their small grants initiative. — 10.03.23

Code4rena — Mutlidelegate Contract Audit

CodeArena provided a 35K quote to Nick.eth for the audit of the Multidelegate Contract, which covers both an open competition and a mitigation review. During the call, the proposal garnered unanimous approval. The bounty is now live for review. — 10.05.23 

Public Goods

The Public Goods working group hosted its weekly meetings on September 26th, 2023 and October 3rd, 2023:

DeSpace QF | Presented by Manuel Olariu

Manuel Olariu from DeSpaceQF recently joined a call to discuss their project and their submission for the upcoming Public Goods small grants round, which can be found here. DeSpaceQF is at the forefront of promoting growth and innovation within the Decentralized Space Exploration Ecosystem. By harnessing the potential of Quadratic Funding, their goal is to make resources more accessible to everyone. This approach encourages both newcomers and veterans in the field to play a role in advancing space exploration technologies. — 09.26.23

ETH Istanbul Public Goods Track

@Simona will be a judge at ETH Istanbul and is considering ways to include public goods in the event. She is also helping to set up a public goods segment for frENSday, which will showcase panels, discussions, and more. There’s a plan to share stories from small grant recipients and participants. Additionally, there’s an idea to offer live mini grants during the event. — 10.03.23

Ethereum Follow Protocol (EFP) | Presented by @brantlymillegan

EFP is a decentralized system, crafted to empower Ethereum account holders to manage curated lists of other Ethereum accounts. This offers a spectrum of applications, from creating a web3 social structure native to the Ethereum community, establishing a web of trust, collating lists of reliable smart contracts vital for dapps, enabling onchain follow trading, to various other functionalities. Brantly highlights a vision of Ethereum evolving with a web3 identity framework. Components of this framework include SIWE, ENS, NFT profile pictures, and more. However, a noticeable gap is the absence of a mechanism to establish relationships between accounts. Unlike prevalent protocols that strive to monopolize the identity stack, EFP aims to complement protocols like ENS, enhancing their functionality. — 10.03.23

Quadratic Funding on Giveth | Presented by Lauren Luz & Jacob Schumacher

Giveth is a transparent, non-tiered global movement that leverages modern technologies to support projects with a social, environmental, or humanistic impact.

In collaboration with the Public Goods working group, Giveth is delving into the potential of an ENS matching pool. This initiative would match donations to enlisted projects for a specific round, ensuring the funds reach projects that genuinely resonate with the community’s aspirations. — 10.03.23


The Ecosystem working group hosted its weekly meetings on September 28th, 2023 and October 5th, 2023:

Note: The ENS Ecosystem Working Group offers rolling grants, and applicants can apply anytime. The evaluation process takes around four weeks, and unsuccessful applicants are welcome to reapply in the future.

Resolv3R | Presented by Alex Plutta

Alex recently provided an update on the Resolv3r project, which was initially built at ETHPrague. This project is focused on creating ENS records on L2 to address the prohibitive transaction costs associated with L1. Resolv3r incorporates the use of their CCIP-Resolver for general data retrieval and the ENS Bedrock Resolver for the specific task of retrieving and verifying on-chain data. As the project evolves, there are plans to integrate additional chains and expand its functionalities. Furthermore, Resolv3r operates as an open-source initiative and benefits from public goods funding. — 09.28.23

NameGuard | Presented by @lightwalker.eth

NameGuard is an upcoming project by the Namehash team. Set to launch in late October, NameGuard is an open-source infrastructure designed to bolster the security of ENS. This initiative, as detailed in their small grants submission titled "NameGuard - Security “X-ray”, aims to shield users from concealed threats in ENS names, specifically addressing concerns like inbound message or transaction impersonation and deceptive activities on platforms such as OpenSea. To achieve its objectives, NameGuard will offer a comprehensive suite, including a library, API, typescript client, UI kit, and web app, dedicated to identifying vulnerabilities across various analytical layers, ranging from name structures to specific code points. Lightwalker encourages inquiries and is open to potential integrations to amplify the platform’s security protocols. — 10.05.23

“The goal for NameGuard is to help protect the ENS community from hidden risks or limitations in ENS names, such as impersonation attacks in web3 social messengers, fake “ENS” NFTs on OpenSea, confusables that still pass ens_normalize on marketplaces such as, and more.” — Lightwalker.eth

OnThis | Presented by Igor Yuzo

OnThis specializes in creating shortcuts for seamless contract interactions through simple ETH transactions. Such functionalities can be seen in tasks like NFT mints or staking on LIDO. At the ETHGlobal NY Hackathon, OnThis showcased their innovation with a shortcut for 10xbull.eth. By merely sending ETH to this address, a trade is activated on GMX, an options project on Arbitrum, directly from the mainnet. Recognizing its potential to simplify intent into action, ENS awarded OnThis with a prize for the best use case. — 10.05.23

Domainer Expo | Presented by Ishmilly

Domainer Expo is an educational and innovative conference, scheduled for December 6-7, that covers a range of domains in both Web2 and Web3. Ishmilly is actively participating in the event, particularly urging those interested in ENS domains to attend. — 10.05.23


Thank you very much for reading! Goodbye. 👋🏻

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