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All That The Light Touches

An ethereal series of 1/1 AI artworks that capture the emotion and mysticism of light, and the souls born from the shadows it creates.

"All That The Light Touches" is the pivotal crossover of my professional career as an architectural lighting designer, and as an AI artist & NFT creator.

Light is a powerful essence. Light bears life, it stimulates growth and dictates our vision. It nourishes the world around us and provides sustenance. Our daily lives run like clockwork to the position of the Sun.

But equally important is shadow. Shadow provides shade; much-needed shelter from the elements when things heat up. It cools us, protects us from UV, and allows us to breathe and take stock. Whilst we thrive in the sunlight, we heal in the dark as we rest and restore our batteries. Our brains need recharging to stay healthy and active, and we sleep best at night.

Light is both the antithesis and co-dependant of Shadow. One cannot exist without the other. It is this playful symbiotic yin and yang, this graceful eternal dance that defines the parameters for our very existence.

However, in the realms of mysticism, there exists a different dance. For if Light is the bearer of life, Darkness is the embrace of the afterlife. Life & Death is the immortal duet. Even in those last few moments of our time on this earth, when the shadows become a place of solace, we are still encouraged to "walk towards the light". In the darkest moments, the light will lead us through.

In my journey with AI and art, drawing emotion, depth, and feeling from AI has been a key driving force. The impact of light and shadow within art is huge and has the ability to not only transform but seemingly bring an image to life. It creates depth, space, and a sense of realism, even with an unreal subject matter.

The same can be said when lighting a physical, tangible environment. As lighting designers, we learn that the mood and appearance of a space can change dramatically depending on how it is illuminated, the volume of light used, the ratio of light and dark, and what surfaces the light touches. It was very important to me to relate this in these images and push the AI to create a collection with these almost tangible, volumetric traits surrounding the subject of light & shadow, whilst drawing on its ethereal nature.

All That The Light Touches is a collection of 25no 1/1 pieces of AI-infused fine artworks, listed for sale on, part of the Tezos Blockchain. Each piece is just 5 tezos. Currently, 17 remain available to collect.

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