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Beauty in Abstraction

My genesis fx(hash) drop

"Beauty in Abstraction" is my first-ever generative mint on fx(hash), using Purespider's PFP Template. This is a layered composition structured piece.

All individual layers were originally created using Stable Diffusion AI, then heavily edited, manipulated, & chopped in Adobe Photoshop before being compiled.

The project was built by compiling the elements into 4 different layer groups.

  • Background

  • Rain / Line textures

  • Structural Details

  • Faces

Each group contains 10 different elements. Whenever someone mints a token from the project, a new 1/1 unique art piece is generated by pulling together a randomised layer element from each of these groups.

I started by producing a full series of abstract backgrounds with AI, before moving on to detailed elements like rain, vertical lines, artifacts, and then architectural abstractions that resembled buildings and structures. Finally, I created a set of faces as the final layer.

Examples of each layer type

The next step was to get the right level of transparency and composition when these layers were overlaid to reveal the complete image.

I kept all the backgrounds solid, but for the rain and architectural layers, I selected the white space and deleted the rest of the layer, leaving a ghosted, negative space imprint that gave the illusion of retaining its detail when superimposed on top of the backgrounds. This also lets the colour and detail from the backgrounds shine through. For the faces, I did the opposite; removing all of the white space and leaving just the dark facial details and elements behind. The result is quite striking...

Each of the four layers is assembled to create the 1/1 piece.

All layers were then saved as png files and organised into the corresponding folders within the pfp template. A click on "generate.bat" then compiles everything into a zip file for you to upload and test on fx(hash) before formally minting.

It was at this point I encountered a hurdle. The max file size allowed for the uploaded zip file is 30mb. Mine was 122mb! In order to overcome this, I scoured the web for an online png batch compression tool, and had to compress all of my project's layers before recompiling and zipping them again. The result? Just 23mb. Phew.

So far the reception to the project has been amazing, with 26 pieces minted so far and counting...

Each mint is just 2tz.

Check out the project and pick one up!

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Dan | Digitalgyoza

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