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Bridging The Gap

Why ESMR is moving to Paragraph.

Ownership, Permanence, and Transparency. These three things are what attracted me to the notion of Blockchain technology, and what coerced me into creating NFTs with artwork from May of last year. The underlying architecture of Web3.0 is as fascinating to me now as it was then. The ability to trace transactions like a car's logbook provides a history of any token minted and purchased. Decentralized networks functioning with open source and trustless, permissionless operations, rather than corporate-owned centralized platforms. However, in just about every case, a "wallet" of some form is necessary to connect with the network in order to use it. And in the current transitional tech period that we find ourselves in, the level of web3 adoption is still relatively small, despite the growing public interest and regular offbeat press coverage.

With Paragraph, Readers can subscribe with their crypto wallets, emails, or both. Content is stored on the Arweave permaweb. Post content online & send via newsletters. Uncensorable, permanent, and truly owned by the author.

In order to serve both a web3-savvy crowd AND interested onlookers from web2, the ideal newsletter & writing platform would cater to both parties. Paragraph might just be the answer. In addition, Paragraph plans to offer NFT minting and airdropping to community members and subscribers in the future, on top of the current ability to token-gate exclusive content for members. What's more, the platform has also integrated with Farcaster, which allows comments/responses from the Web3 social site to appear under each news entry.

I'm excited to see Paragraph grow and develop, and will be along for the ride. Expect plenty of new writing, updates, and content for EAT SLEEP MINT REPEAT.

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