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Clockwork Aristocracy

A Fusion of Steampunk, Elegance & AI.

It's no secret that I am firmly back in the AI saddle. Call it lovesick, call it Stockholm Syndrome, but when I thought I was done it turned round and pulled me back in. However this time I'm laser-focused on exploring how it can become part of a wider artistic process, and how to get the sharpest, cleanest-looking results with plenty of detail. As of now, my AI of choice is Stable Diffusion 1.5, using Playgroundai as a front-end interface.

I wanted to work on a set of portraits, but with their own unique aesthetic. Something that is very difficult to achieve these days when everyone is looking to do the same. Whilst Steampunk is a widely used and highly popular style, I also took some influence from "roaring 20s" art deco fashion, and extravagant headdresses from Inca, Mayan, and Native American cultures. Oh, and ravens.

Clockwork Aristocracy is a 12-piece 1/1 collection available on Foundation, minted on their own smart contract through Manifold. Floor price is 0.05ETH.

Check out the full collection.

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