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It’s that time again, for another edition of “Eat Sleep Mint Repeat”, and with it some information on where I’ll be posting from now on…

  • STARCHASERS Vol.2 - The 2nd set of characters has now been dropped via Objkt.

  • Tangents - Neon Highway - My newest Tezos NFT drop on Teia.

  • Leaving Twitter and Joining Tumblr - This bird is rebuilding his nest in a different tree.

  • Manifold Updates - My new NFT gallery page is now live.


The next 25 1/1 AI drops for my collection STARCHASERS are now live and available for 10tez each via Objkt. Starchasers is a vivid, stylised collection of deep space heroines, bounty hunters and pirates, inspired by anime classics such as Outlaw Star, Gundam Wing & Cowboy Beebop. All pieces are raw outputs created using DreamStudio AI.

See the full collection.


Tangents - Neon Highway

"The quickest route from point A to B may be a straight line, but such a path is rarely the one often travelled. Much the same can be said of life's tangential journey."

Mixed Media - Photography, Photoshop & Video Effects.

Tangents - Neon Highway is my latest Tezos NFT drop on Teia, and is in MP4 Video format.

5 editions, and 5tez each.

Tangents on Teia

This Bird Has Flown The Coop

After much consideration, it was time for me to hang up my feathered cap and find a new home for all things social. I will write a fuller piece on this decision soon, but I am no longer on Twitter, and nor do I intend on returning.

Instead, I joined Tumblr. So far, it feels like quite a refreshing change, and far less insidious. Plus, I’m discovering a flourishing NFT community on the site. If you are on Tumblr come say hi and drop me a follow. I’ll be posting regular content and updates there too.

Manifold Updates

I've finally got round to checking out the apps tab on Manifold, and put together a curated gallery of the current NFT artworks on my DGZ smart contract. Click the link below to visit!

My Manifold Gallery

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