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The Prodigal Son & The Bird Site - Back from a 4-Month Hiatus

Returning to Twitter with a fresh account, exploring the changes and the platform's evolution in recent times.

After taking a four-month break from Twitter, despite my public disdain for the platform I recently tucked my tail between my legs and returned to the platform with a brand-new account and a somewhat open mind. During my hiatus, I had heard mixed reviews about the state of Twitter, but ultimately, I was intrigued enough to see for myself how things had changed.

However, the primary reason was that not only do the majority of NFT marketplaces rely on Twitter for verification, but so do many of the creative contests, campaigns, and artistic opportunities in Web 3. It's a disappointing affair, but until they can shed the dead weight of centralised Web 2 "social" media, it seems I must swallow my pride.

One good thing is that creating a new account allowed me to start fresh, unfollowing old connections and carefully selecting whom I wanted on my feed this time around. I have also joined a number of very helpful groups and found some new communities of AI and digital artists to share work with, get feedback, and support each other.

Spaces appear to be just as broken as ever. So there's that. Not everything is perfect. Trolling and divisive language still abound, which can dampen one's overall experience. Additionally, the platform remains susceptible to perpetuating echo chambers, where users are exposed mainly to opinions that align with their own beliefs. Then there are the constant tweaks and adjustments to the algorithm, and Elon's announcements of their plans for the future...

That being said, since rejoining I have been able to discover a number of events, activities, and updates in the NFT space that I otherwise would have missed out on.

Therefore it seems, at least for right now... the ends justify the means.

You can find me on Twitter as @dg_submissions

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