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It's becoming increasingly apparent that in order to maintain any kind of presence in this digital space, a sizeable chunk of our time is spent in the Marketing department.

I would personally argue that if you divided an NFT artist or creator's time up into percentages, if we are being honest with ourselves, unless they already have a thriving successful career with a captivated audience, the "creation process" is perhaps 35-40%. The remaining 60-65% is marketing, whether it be shilling on Twitter, posting on Instagram, talking on Spaces, circulating pieces on Bluesky, Threads, Telegram, posting on Youtube or Tiktok, setting up galleries on Deca or Oncyber, creating profiles on and Butiq, and answering Open Calls on Joyn and other contest sites.

The thing is, the majority of people do NOT enjoy marketing. And I understand why. It's a LOT.

On top of that, when a linchpin service relied on by arguably the entire community goes "under new management" and the new boss decides to reshape and restructure the bird, it's little surprise to see people fly the nest to explore and seek shelter when new alternatives emerge from their shells. However, whilst healthy competition is a good thing, with competition comes fragmentation. Unless you can No-life this endeavor, it's borderline insanity, shy of hiring your own pr team, to be present on every current form of social media and platform in the space.

  • FOMO is a bitch.

  • Social Media Fatigue is a real thing.

  • So is Creative Fatigue.

I have come to realise, and experienced this first-hand that sometimes, even when we think we have all the plates covered, without a balanced approach we just don't have the energy to keep all of them spinning at full capacity, and it's only a matter of time before they, and we, start to wobble... What do you do once the candle burns out?

It's a good reminder to pace yourself, take regular breaks, and keep a healthy approach to your art process. Allow time for other hobbies, for friends and family, and for yourself.

And have FUN. I feel like creativity should be a fun, joyful experience, and it's important to find what makes it fun for you. Harness that, relish it.

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Dan | Digitalgyoza

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