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ETHChicago Monthly - Jan 2024

The best of web3 news and events in the Midwest

GM ETHChicagoans,

Fifteen years after Hal Finney first tweeted about Bitcoin, traditional finance has been given the green light from the SEC to offer the orange coin to the masses via an exchange-listed ETF. Today is the result of a continuous ground swell of efforts from communities around the country such as ours to take crypto and blockchain technology mainstream. Congratulations to everyone who has made it this far! Naturally, our question now is "wen ETH ETF?"

In the meantime, the ETHChicago team is off to the races in the new year! Here's your monthly digest of updates, events, and spotlights from the heart of the Midwest's Web3 revolution.

This month's headlines:

  1. Welcome our President and VP

  2. ETHChicago a Key Partner at CFC x CSO Event

  3. Upcoming Events in the Community

Welcome our President and VP

We are proud to introduce the recently elected leaders of ETHChicago to the community, Ian Wylie and Thomas Butler. Read more about Ian and Thomas below:

Ian Wylie, President of ETHChicago

Ian stands at the forefront of ETHChicago as its enthusiastic and visionary President. His journey in the blockchain space is marked by a dedication to challenging norms and inspiring new possibilities. Ian's belief in the power of censorship resistance and the fundamental rights to transact and associate is at the core of his leadership ethos.

His personal quote, "Disappointing the usual expectations and inspiring new ones," perfectly encapsulates his approach. Ian takes pride in ETHChicago's remarkable achievement of hosting a 3-day conference in the iconic Sears Tower, a testament to his leadership and the team's determination.

Outside of blockchain, Ian is passionate about urban agriculture, bringing a unique perspective to his role. He envisions ETHChicago becoming a key player in the Midwest's cryptographic and blockchain community, focusing on empowering its members and advancing the industry.

Ian's approach to challenges is characterized by stubborn optimism and proactive problem-solving. He looks forward to setting the foundation for ETHChicago's future, with goals including establishing a 501c6 entity, building capital reserves, and forming anchor partnerships, readying the organization for its next phase of growth under future leadership.

Thomas Butler, Vice President of ETHChicago

Thomas serves as the Vice President of ETHChicago, where his passion for building and innovation comes to life. He is driven by the transformative potential of decentralized, permission-less networks and the possibilities they open up for global, intermediary-free interactions. His mantra, "Build something," encapsulates his hands-on, proactive approach. Thomas takes immense pride in ETHChicago's accomplishments, like the successful post-ETHChi 2023 dinner, reflecting the community's spirit and cohesion.

Away from blockchain, Thomas indulges in cooking, showcasing his versatility and creativity in both technological and culinary arts.

Thomas envisions ETHChicago as a pivotal stage for the local Midwest community to showcase their work to the broader blockchain world. He faced and overcame significant challenges, such as resolving a critical bug with the ticketing provider that hindered airdrops, demonstrating his problem-solving skills and dedication.

His ultimate goal is to establish ETHChicago as the most supportive, welcoming, and technically adept blockchain community in the Midwest, fostering an environment where innovation and collaboration thrive.

ETHChicago a Key Partner at CFC x CSO Event

ETHChicago is proud to partner with the Chicago Fashion Coalition to provide cutting edge technology solutions for "Soundpost: Perception."

"Perception" is an immersive fashion show that challenges the superficial judgments we often make, encouraging a deeper look into ourselves, our cities, and the arts. Combining the expertise of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s young professionals’ network the Overture Council and The Chicago Fashion Coalition, it aims to break down generational stereotypes and celebrate Chicago's unique spirit of fashion and music, asking us to reconsider our preconceived notions and discover overlooked aspects of our city and even ourselves.

The ETHChi team is working closely with CFC and the CSO to create digital 3D scans of fashion models that will be displayed on screens at the event. We will also be creating exclusive NFT rewards for attendees. Check out the link below to learn more and get your tickets!

Upcoming Events in the Community

Here's your full list of upcoming events in January:

Jan 17 - Intro to ETHChicago Live Podcast on Twitter

Jan 18 - Gigazine01 Launch Event

Jan 26 - The Windy City Venture Crawl by GENESIS

Jan 27 - Japanese Art FIELD TRIP + Lunch to Chat about Japanese NFT Artists

Jan 27 - Soundpost: Perception

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Until next time,

The ETHChicago Core Team

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