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ETHChicago Monthly - March 2024

The best of web3 news and events in the Midwest

GM ETHChicagoans,

ETHDenver was a trip! Jam-packed side events every day, non-stop parties all night, and incredible new community connections. Plus, a raging crypto bull market keeping us refreshing our CoinGecko charts in between convos.

Dive in as the team explores ETHDenver experiences and get ready for the next wave of ETHChicago events.

This month's headlines:

  1. ETHChicago Goes to Denver

  2. Upcoming Events

  3. Creator Spotlight: Cullah

  4. What We're Reading

ETHChicago Goes to Denver

Thomas Butler


Running into Jack from and having my ETHChi icebreaker card on me to scan. I thought this was really cool because it shows how connections we make, and things we build together, come back around full circle.

Key Takeaway

Focus on the community, be authentic, and never stop giving.

Erin Magennis


The DeSci (decentralized science) events across DeSci Summit at CU, full week of SciOS events, and AuraNova gatherings showed the growth of the DeSci space, importance of convening, and interest from outside of DeSci to create impact in science through decentralization.

Key Takeaway

The biggest themes were around effective coordination based in standardization, interoperability, and convening to drive impact. As ETHChicago ecosystem continues to bring projects onchain, it's important to do so in connection with the broader global ecosystem.



1. Participating in the ETHDenver podcast studio booths with the ETHChicago team. It was great for teambuilding and bonding between us all.

2. Networking with amazing buidlers and visionaries at the convention and side events.

Key Takeaway

It takes a large and organized coordinated effort of highly skilled individuals to pull off an incredible event of this magnitude. This is a great lesson for how we want the vision of ETHChi to emulate.

Vlad Avesalon


Meeting David and Lucas from the Bankless team. The Bankless podcast and newsletter were my main gateways into the Ethereum ecosystem in 2020. Getting a chance to pick their brains on content strategy and nerd out on OG Bankless NFTs was a treat.

Key Takeaway

Builder-focused communities such as ETHDenver and ETHChicago have a superpower in attracting high quality talent to produce events and content. This year, we must harness that power for our community.

Tippi Fifestarr


High-fiving the finalists from the #BUIDLathon at the Closing Ceremony as they walked offstage. After pulling over a week of 14-hour days facilitating their experience, seeing them present those amazing hackathon projects made me feel like all that work was worth it.

Key Takeaway

Even with a 60 page Sponsor Guide, weekly Sponsorship Office Hours, templates for bounties, massive airtable integrations, a team of dedicated Sponsor Concierge, and a Scholarship Fund upgrade package, at the scale of EDEN24, it’s impossible to guarantee every sponsor is fully satisfied; for ETCH24, keeping our scale and promises focused on a few important sponsor relationships, and implementing Cyberjam best practices informed by my experience as #BUIDLx Metasteward at Denver this year will be crucial.

Upcoming Events

Biotech Unblocked: Advancing Science & Medicine with AI & Blockchain

ETHChicago has entered into monthly event partnership with 1871, starting with a science-focused AI+blockchain meetup on March 20th.

Get ready to explore the future of medical data and science, leveraging AI and blockchain. Connect with others in the industry and discover how adoption of emerging technologies is transforming the scientific space.

​Cosimo Capital will kick it off with an overview of their Bittensor blockchain's medical data AI subnet. Next dive into what DeSci (decentralized science) is, the movement that is taking place worldwide, and how to not get left behind.

ETHChicago at CypherCon 2024

ETHChicago will be at CypherCon, Milwaukee's biggest tech conference, next month with an exciting booth activation, CypherGallery.

Artists from Milwaukee and Chicago are warmly invited to participate. In collaboration with T9LET, we're hosting an exhibition that seeks to merge the worlds of art, technology, cybersecurity, and innovation, set against the dynamic backdrop of Cyphercon. Eligible artists are those who are digitally savvy and locally based, with a requirement that their submissions be digital art. For consideration, artists must provide the name of their work, a brief statement capturing the essence and muse of their creation, a concise biography detailing their evolution and experiences in the art world, and confirmation that the artwork is minted on a trustworthy blockchain platform. We will evaluate submissions on their innovation, artistic originality, relevance to our core themes, and the technical skill demonstrated.

Artists apply here:

In addition, ETHChicago has an allocation of free attendee tickets to give away! Fill out the form below for the opportunity to snag some. Deadline is March 13th!

For a full list of upcoming community events, check out our Luma calendar below:

Creator Spotlight: Cullah

Starting this month, we will begin spotlighting artists who are at the forefront of creative innovation in the midwest. In this release, we feature our very own, Cullah.

Cullah (Born Ian McCullough on April 27, 1991 in Milwaukee, WI) is a multi-disciplinary artist, producer, songwriter, engineer, and entrepreneur who has been releasing an open-source album of music every year, since 2006, on April 27th.

His performance style varies in instrumentation and accompaniment. Referred to as “The Beck of Milwaukee”, Cullah explores a variety of musical styles. Backed by different ensembles, Cullah may be found playing a folk set with a banjo and guitar or an electronic set with samplers and synths. No matter the instruments, Cullah’s voice comes through strongly. His performance is dynamic and captivating in a way to connect with his audience that is deep and primal, as he has been taught by his family, passed on through the generations.

Check out Cullah's latest music video:

What We're Reading

Until next time,

The ETHChicago Core Team

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