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ETHChicago: A Special Invitation

<imnotArt> x Cyberjam presents: <imnotHackathon>BETA

GM! ETHChicago,

Warm greetings from the ETHChicago team! As we diligently forge the roadmap towards the monumental ETHChicago 2, we're also eager to keep the spirit of innovation and collaboration alive in our community. That's why we're excited to extend to you an exclusive invitation to an event that's stirring up the ecosystem.

ETHChicago is proud to partner with imnotArt and Cyberjam for an extraordinary event: the imnotHackathon(beta). This is not just another hackathon—it's a groundbreaking convergence of art, tech, and ingenuity, happening Nov 11th to 19th at the imnotArt Chicago Art Gallery.

Twitter Space Friday @ 11/3/2023 4pm CDT

Why You Should Be Excited About the imnotHackathon(beta):

🛠 Team Up: Collaborate IRL & online, in teams of 5, to turn bold ideas into reality.

💸 Innovate & Prosper: Compete for cash rewards that honor your creative solutions.

📚 Expand Your Horizons: Participate in workshops and panels that go beyond the tech.

🤝 Connect: Meet a rich tapestry of individuals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.

🌟 Shine: Be featured in content that celebrates your talent and hard work.

What Makes This Event Special?

While we're all about the decentralized, this time, we're bringing a unique twist. Cyberjam will be an in-person experience for a select group of 10, but fear not—everyone can join the festivities online through imnotArt’s Metaverse stream and Cyberjam's Discord. It's an inclusive celebration, so sign up early to secure your virtual seat!

Expect a feast for the eyes with Twinrafters' iconic sculptures and projection mapping, and dive into "Rescue and Destroy" by Allen Vandever, where you decide the fate of art!

You, our cherished ETHChicago hackers, are getting the first dibs because this is crafted with you in mind—to maintain our momentum and to continue building our strong, vibrant community.

Dare to Join IRL?

  • Developers, Artists, Designers, and Wildcards (Marketers, Business Strategists, Product Developers, Researchers), we're looking for you!

  • The prize pool exceeds $5,000 in total. However, for the 10 in-person hackers, the stakes are over $3,000. The online competition has a cap, welcoming up to 69 virtual attendees.

  • This is your chance to be part of something truly remarkable.

Proud Partners & Sponsors

Don't miss out! RSVP now for the imnotHackathon(beta) and be part of the transformation. Let's amplify the spirit of Chicago and the power of our collective creativity. We can't wait to see what you'll bring to the table.

Here's to shaping the future, together.

Warm Regards,

The ETHChicago Team

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