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Stratagems Alpha is live, 1000$ of rewards so far!

We are thrilled to finally release Stratagems first alpha.

We made a video as part of Backdrop build V3 a program we joined to keep building Stratagems

You can find more on

How to play?

Join our community on Discord to get the tokens needed to play

Play on

Try to conquers as much Land as you can but do not spend all your tokens at nonce. Use them wisely.No need to rush.

As you'll see there are already Land on the map with the black faction. If you beat them (decrease their life to zero) you can get a head start but remember, other player will attempt to get them too and you might end up creating more black faction.

See our doc: for more information

The game will last 2 months and the scoring system is handled using 2 phases each lasting 1 month.

From March 21st to April 21st, the score displayed will not be representative of the final score and instead will only show how many prosperous Land (land that grows in life) each player controls

From April 21st to May 21st (when the alpha ends and score are finalized), the score will actually be counted as the number of GEMS a player has produced.

GEMS are produced at a fixed rate across the world and divided among each player according to how many prosperous Land each player controls.

In other words, from April 21st, the early you control more prosperous Land, the more head start you get.

Players with most GEMS generated will be rewarded

Currently the reward is 1000$ and divided as follow

  • 1st: 400

  • 2nd: 250

  • 3rd: 200

  • 4th: 100

  • 5th: 50

The ratio is subject to change as the reward increase. We will keep you posted on our Discord


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