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Stratagems First Alpha is launching next week!

A free-to-play version of Stratagems running on Base

Hi everyone!

We are thrilled to announce the imminent launch of the first alpha of Stratagems. It will take place next week, Thursday 21st on the Base network and will last for a month.

While Stratagems is designed around risk taking, the alpha will run in free to play mode where each player will be given a amount of free token to play with.

The goal will be to capture as much territory as possible and keep these territories safe. Checkout our updated documentation that describe Stratagems game mechanisms. Pay special attention to the black faction :)

More details will be announced at launch but expect a leader-board mechanism and some rewards!

Note that in order to get hold of the play token, you just need to join our Discord. This will also be the place where day-to-day announcements will take place and where you might make first contact with other players. A chance to join forces ;-)

As for the game, as mentioned we have documented the basic of the rules on our game's website and we intend to add more resources as we go along. The game is quite unique and one of its most striking feature is the slow pace of it:

Stratagems is a "simultaneous turn" based game where each tune last 24 hours, divided in 2 phases: the action phase (also called the commit phase) lasting 23 hours where player make their moves and the resolution phase (also called the reveal phase) lasting one hour where player's moves get resolved. While this last phase last only 1 hour, we offer by default a mechanism, by which all moves are resolved while you are away.

In other words, with Stratagems you just need to check-in once a day and perform any action in your own time.

But be warned: Stratagems is a game of social coordination and most of the game will take place in the discussion among players. We setup an in game messaging system that will hopefully help you achieve your goals.

We also like to highlight that Stratagems world map created by playing the game is a great foundation for new games to be build on, thanks to Stratagems unique approach to Composability that we describe in our article: "Natural Composability".

To that end we have the full smart contract API documented on our website, along a brief intro on what is possible with it:

While the alpha, due to its free-to-play nature, is not designed to be persistent, it can be a great opportunity to explore the possibilities. We intend to do so ourselves and explore new game ideas!

See you next week!

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