A Beginner’s Guide to Staking - Intro

I don’t get any of this, please ELI5

I’ve decided to write a beginner’s guide to Ethereum staking. It’s meant to target people who are kind of interested in crypto, but not quite sure what Ethereum really is or why you’d want to stake. It’ll be as accessible as I can manage and come out in six parts twice a week:

  • What is Ethereum?

  • What is a validator?

  • How staking stays healthy long-term (and how your choices help)

  • Broad overview of some issues that Ethereum staking faces today

  • Factors that should play into your decision to stake or not

  • Finding your best way to stake

Each section should take 15 minutes or less to read and will be accompanied by some links to learn more. This is meant to make you feel culturally oriented in the staking community before you dive into a technical guide.

If you find any technical inaccuracies in these posts, please DM me on twitter and let me know before I get roasted by the entire internet: twitter.com/nixorokish

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