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The EthStaker community is creating better ways for everyone to more easily find the discussions, resources, and latest updates they need to get started staking and keep up with essential research and news in a space that’s moving oh-so-quickly and can be hard to keep up with. It’s also essential that it’s as simple as possible for new stakers to come in and easily evaluate the staking option that’s going to be best for both their specific situation and for the Ethereum network.

EthStaker is resource-rich with how active our community’s been helping one another, providing resources, building dashboards, creating newsletters, keeping up on current research, and asking and answering questions - for nearly four years now. That information has been dispersed across platforms and is somewhat difficult to sort through - this website is an effort to organize this wealth of information.

The website was spearheaded by a very active community member, hanniabu of Ether Alpha and is open source. If you built something that you want included in our resource list, or maybe you just recognize an omission, please feel free to make a pull request on the website’s github repo.

If you have an idea of something you’d like to build for stakers, contact nixo for resources on how to apply for small grants.

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