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Journeys begin in lovers meeting

What are you standing there for? Come in.

The problem with the beginnings of all things is that the possibilities are largely overwhelming. The more you work on something, the more you carve its place in this world - word by word, idea by idea, brought to life through sheer determination of your wobbly gray matter in flex mode - the more these possibilities diminish. All the way until you can see the narrow path of light cutting its way through the surrounding darkness.

The other problem with beginnings is just being plain lazy. I don't believe in procrastination, "believe" being the key word here. Procrastination or laziness, are not gods or demons to be believed, or summoned with a cheap parlor trick, or ritualistically consumed in flesh. Sometimes things just are and they need to be accepted for their true nature and not enveloped in more polite sounding words so that we do not offend our own fragile sensibilities.

Beginnings are the scariest and the best thing that can ever happen to you. It's seeing those beginnings through that's harder than a pack of nails. So how about that; let's just begin, every day, what we have begun the day before, so that we never have to continue anything.


Long time ago I wrote poems. They are good. When you read your own writing ten years later and you still think it's good that means it is. Here is just the first verse of one of them, because I was in the mood for it. It means, what you think it means, and it also means nothing at all.


The day I set foot in your place, I knew it was wrong.

My expectations slashed the paradigms of chance,

And so here we are – buried in dirt, stuck with possibilities,

Endlessly planning; equations-versus-contradictions.

Oh well, the chance of pulling out now is significantly lower 

Than meeting an extraterrestrial on his way home from Crab Nebula

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