Eventcaster Weekly #2

This week’s upcoming events in web3


This week we're focused on a new feature that we'll announce in the coming days. We're also looking forward to the meetup this weds, and to ETHDenver, just over two weeks away!

Here's a quick rundown of events coming up:

Farcaster LA Meetup
Hosted by: Farcaster & Chapter One
When: Wednesday, Feb 15th at 6pm PT
Where: Chapter One Office in Santa Monica
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Psyched: A Psychedelic Book Event
Casted by: @ivy
When: Thursday, Feb 16th at 6pm
Where: Los Angeles, CA
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Community Breathwork #2
Hosted by: Eventcaster
When: Tuesday, Feb 21st at 6pm PT
Where: Online (Zoom)
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Mountain View IRL Farcaster Meetup
Hosted by: @palebluedot1991
When: Tuesday, Feb 28th at 6pm PT
Where: Steins Beer Garden (895 Villa St., Mountain View, CA)
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Ethereum SF Developers Meetup
Hosted by: Edge & Node
When: Wednesday, Feb 15th at 5:30pm PT
Where: Building 103, Montgomery St., San Francisco
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Digital Wellness Retreat #3
Hosted by: Zen Allies
When: Saturday, Feb 25th at 10am PT
Where: Online
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And make sure to add these ETHDenver Meetups:

Buidler Party @ ETHDenver
Hosted by: OrangeDAO
When: Wednesday, March 1st at 5pm MT
Where: Secret Location (near ETHDenver)
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Farcaster Meetup @ ETHDenver
Hosted by: OrangeDAO, Eventcaster, Launchcaster, & Purple App
When: Thursday, March 2nd at 5pm MT
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High Stakes Poker Speakeasy @ ETHDenver
Hosted by: OrangeDAO
When: Friday, March 3rd at 5:30pm MT
Where: 1136 Broadway, Denver
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Come join the fun and meet other casters! Make sure to tap “Mark Going” on Eventcaster or Reply 👍 to any cast mentioning an event in Farcaster.

Follow @event to stay up-to-date with the best web3 community events right in your Farcaster feed. Click here for more info on how to use the service.

Thanks for being part of our community. Catch you at an event soon :)
- The Eventcaster Squad

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