Eventcaster Weekly #6

Your weekly digest of Farcaster meetups

GM friends, hope you are having a splendid day today! We've got a bunch of awesome IRL and online meetups to share this week. But first, two asks:

  1. We're thinking about how to improve our newsletter and communications. If you have a moment, we'd love to know: how would you like to hear from us? How can we make this email better for you? Just respond to this email if you have thoughts.

  2. We're gearing up to launch some new location-related features! If you want to help more casters meetup IRL, we'd love to chat for 10-15 minutes and get your feedback. Again, you can just respond if interested :)

Onto the meetups! Here's what's up this week:

Women of Web3 – Farcaster/Unlonely Panel
Hosted by: @sam, @cassie, @meesh, @ivy, & @adrienne
When: Tuesday, 3/21 @ 6pm PT
Where: Online (Unlonely)

GDC Farcaster Meetup
Hosted by: @cryptosmiff, @matthew, & Destore
When: Thursday, 3/23 @ 6pm PT
Where: Destore (348 Hayes Street, San Francisco)

Computational Interpretations of the Mind and the Universe
Hosted by: @sam, @pdr, & @nor
When: Wednesday, 3/22 @6pm PT
Where: Online (Unlonely)

Farcaster Seattle Meetup
Hosted by: @bigpapjon
When: Friday, 3/24 @ 6:30pm PT
Where: Optimism Brewing Company (1158 Broadway, Seattle)

Looking ahead to upcoming meetups:

Farcaster NFT NYC Meetup
Hosted by: @matthew, @j4ck, @cryptpal, @tayyab, & @osama
When: Saturday, 4/15 @ 5pm ET
Where: Betaworks (29 Little West 12th St, NYC)

And stay tuned for SF and LA meetups in the next few weeks...

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Thanks for being part of our community. Catch you at an event soon :)
- The Eventcaster Squad

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