DMAIL - Airdrop Points Guide (Thread)

Heard of Play2Earn?

Now get ready for Mail2Earn 📧

That’s right! Social protocols are on the rise, and

@Dmailofficial is leading the charge

Airdrop confirmed!

Check out this thread for the details!


But first up, let’s explore the Dmail Network

An AI-driven decentralized platform for secure emails, unified notifications & targeted marketing across chains & dApps

Connects users, developers, & marketers seamlessly!


Backed by renowned names

Grant support from top entities like @BNBCHAIN, Polygon, and @dfinity

Funding partnerships include VCs such as HashKey Capital, Amino Capital, Draper Dragon, KuCoin Labs, and more


Dmail Vs Gmail

Coexisting, but different paths in the email market

DMAIL puts users in control, avoiding data monopoly

Unlike ad-driven Gmail, prioritizes privacy

Rewards users through Web3 incentives, offering more than just email services (token/NFT minting & transfer)


Dmail Products

Dmail DApp

Self-hosted decentralized mailbox across multiple chains, putting control in users’ hands

Subscription Hub

Empowering developers with an enterprise-level platform for aggregated info, marketing notifications, and refined operational services


Now with all that out of the way

Let’s talk airdrop 🧐

A point system has become the defacto for the protocols to reward users lately

To begin, you first have to mint your domain

Use mine for bonus points


- Invite your friends

20 points

- Invite your friends to login and bind NFT

80 points

- Complete other social tasks

50 points


- Send an email by

@BNBCHAIN @zkSync @Starknet @LineaBuild @Scroll_ZKP

Range from 30–100 points/day

- Send an email to Web2 and Web3 user

10 points/day

- Hold Dmail Crystal 3D NFT

100 points/month

8/ Galxe Quest

OG Dmailers final dispatch!

Complete the simple tasks and stand a chance to be one of the 60 lucky users to receive OG Dmailers exclusive NFT


Just in

Try your luck while it’s still on 👇


Cost to Consider

All it takes is 👇🏿

- Couple of mins

- Fees to mint domain name

- And, gas to complete the task

Don’t want you to say — If only when that

Plus, you get to use a decentralized product

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