NFT Perp — Short/Long NFTs

NFT Perps Platform

ATTN: New money-making opportunities for NFT traders & investors 

Say goodbye to just buying & holding NFTs 

Imagine profiting by shorting NFTs too! With @nftperp on #BLAST, it’s now possible

NFTs have changed the game for digital ownership 

But trading them isn’t always smooth — low liquidity and no way to profit when prices drop

Enter @nftperp

The first perpetual futures DEX for NFTs & Ordinals 

Live on #BlastL2

If you’re farming BLAST S2, then 

Gold Reward Distribution 

• Activity tracking for Gold continues 

AMM rewards based on fees

  • DLOB rewards for order quality 

  • Trading Competitions Pre-Launch Vaults for Upcoming Listings

Keep a look out for Pre-Launch Vaults 

— New collections/pairs tend to launch often 

— Help you earn boosted Gold rewards for seeding early liquidity 

Post Blast-TGE Plan

$VNFTP reward tracking will continue 

Future rewards will be calculated from this date, with back-dated rewards based on real activity

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