Solana Airdrop Incoming

It's raining airdrops #Celestia #Pyth #Blur

Did you get yours? I hope you did

If you didn't, then let's end that right here, right now

Amidst theprice trajectory of #Solana, considerable discourse surrounds various projects & airdrops within the Solana ecosystem


Also with the ridiculous fee on Mainnet which also impacts the gas fee on other L2s, it might be a good time to use Solana (if you haven't before)

There is some interesting play


Stake SOL for JitoSol - Earn points for $JITO

Ref Link -



Deposit JitoSol - Earn points for $MRGN

Borrow mSOL - Earn points for MRGN

Or play it whichever way you want



Swap assets and use the PERP BETA (might qualify you for the future token)



Deposit assets into vaults and qualify for future KAMINO (includes JitoSol)



Buy a Tensorian and stake it - Earn points for $TENSOR

The floor price is 25 SOL atm



Deposit assets including JitoSol &

Trade perps on Drift - qualify for future $DRIFT



Deposit USDC & trade perps - earn points for $ZETA



Backpack, a non-custodial wallet is doing a launch drop later this week to reward early adopters

But only people who KYC on the platform beforehand will be eligible


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