LIMITLESS's Gamified Airdrop

Use & Loot Campaign

Limitless has a fun & gamified airdrop program called 'Use and Loot' (< 3 weeks left) Based on the wallet's engagement on Base/ partners, 20 lootboxes were distributed to users by @limitlessdefi

Don't have the boxes? Fret not You can still earn (ref)

Limitless Finance

Offers trading without the risk of price-based liquidations

What kinda trading platform would that be?

A new-gen, I suppose!

Essentially, as long as you are paying the premium to keep the position open

Lootboxes opened by LMT

Out of the 20, 1 Lootbox is unlocked while the other 19 have to be unlocked

You can unlock each of these boxes using 5000 LMT points

How do you get LMT points?

LMT can be earned by using the protocol

By providing liquidity, trading & referring

Open Lootboxes for NZT

To unlock 19 boxes you will need (5000 x 19) = 95000 LMT (in 6 weeks)

Huge ask, perhaps! Each unlocked box will earn a random amount of NZT tokens

What is NZT token?

It is the Limitless’ preliminary token

NZT Token

Inspired from the ‘smart pill’ featured in the movie ‘Limitless’

BTW, good movie!

NZT can only be earned from unlocking loot boxes during this 6-week incentivization phase

Any unclaimed $NZT at the time of release will be burnt

So far, almost 60 percent is claimed

No Lootbox - Earn One

Earn Lootbox using 10000 LMT

If you happen to be someone who did not get the 20 Lootboxes, fret not

You can earn 10000 LMT to add a box which will be unlocked immediately

Use my referral - Earn Boosted rewards & tokens

Using my referral link will help you earn boosted rewards

Besides, I would be distributing 50% tokens to users who sign up using my link

Not much, but honest work farmoor!

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