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Alexei Zamyatin: Founders should not focus on the tech

Crypto founders often become overly enamored with the technology.

Its a frequent mistake in a space where builders are arguably redesigning the entire internet and financial infrastructure of the future - one that provides more freedom, ownership and opportunities to individuals.

Alexei Zamyatin is the founder of Build on Bob, the first L2 that combines Bitcoin and Ethereum security and liquidity.

He advices: "Dont get too obsessed with tech and what you think is great. Build what people want". Elaborating further, "narrative is what people want".

This insight rings especially true in the crypto world, where attention and capital constantly shift, often lured by the next shiny object with a compelling narrative.

Alexei knows this challenge well. He spent 4 years developing the Polkadot Parachain Interlay, aimed at enabling Bitcoin DeFi. It faltered because the users simply weren't interested in Polkadot.

Reflecting on these experiences, he shares: "We got punched in the face really hard, focusing only on tech, and that woke us up.

"I think many teams out there focus only on building the super fancy thing that people are going to love because of some founder confirmation bias."

For instance, Alexei believes that Runes is a safe bet for the next few months because it aligns with the current narrative.

"BRC has succeeded so far not because of its technology but because it's easy to use, and that’s true for assets, L2s, wallets, and bridges."

Taking a page from Peter Thiel’s book, Alexei reminds us, "It's zero to one" if you truly listen to what people are telling you.

Video Source: Build What Users Want | Instant Impact [Entire Talk]

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