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DYDX Founder on How to Deal with Fear

Over the years, one pivotal insight I've gained is the critical importance of not being motivated by fear, especially as a decision maker, especially as a leader.

Antonio opened up, revealing, "It's a significant challenge to oversee 50 employees who've devoted years of their lives, manage users trading a billion dollars daily, and generate tens of millions in annual revenue, all while making big, bold decisions."

He adds: "It really is an innate human thing to be scared of failure, of letting people down."

Antonio notes that "success impacts you in both positive and negative ways. It can heighten fear due to having more to lose, or alternatively, it can bolster your confidence, encouraging you to pursue even greater ambitions than previously imagined."

He argues that leaders can conquer fear by setting clear goals from the outset and adopting a long-term perspective, spanning 10 to 20 years.

"There's no goals that are objectively better than other goals. For me, I want DeFi to be the main way people trade in the world, period."

If you want to jump right to the quotes above go to 45:04

Video Source: The dYdX Appchain Vision: One of Crypto's Boldest Bets | Antonio Juliano [Entire Talk]

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