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Jeremy Allaire on Handling Crypto Skepticism

"In 2013, when we were working on Circle, people didn't want to meet with us because they thought we were criminals," Jeremy explains, highlighting a common challenge for any crypto startup. He recalls that Circle "couldn't get insurance, an auditor, or a banking relationship."

He continues, "We knew exactly what we were doing and what we wanted to build; we could see the future. But it was really hard, and you have to constantly face endless skepticism."

Building something in the face of that skepticism is challenging for anyone, leading to second-guessing oneself. "And on top of that, you have this existential concern: will people use it, like it, will it work?"

Jeremy emphasizes that persistence alone isn't enough to handle skepticism; a network of trusted friends and mentors is crucial for support. "I talk to my brother a lot; we discuss all kinds of challenges, the most difficult things. There are also many other people, mentors who have helped me grow along the way."

This highlights the importance of building a network of friends and mentors. Barack Obama once said to Brian Chesky: "You probably need to renew friendships - It's hard to lose your mind when you have deep connections and relationships with others."

If you want to jump right to the quotes above go to 18:20

Video source: Why $USDC will become a $10 trillion stablecoin | Jeremy Allaire Circle [Entire Talk]

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