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Jesse Pollak from Base: 2 Keys to Building Community

"When building a company or a community, the most crucial aspect is the first few people you bring in, and I believe this holds even truer for DAOs."

Jesse Pollak, the founder of Base—an Ethereum Layer 2 developed by the Coinbase team—aims to onboard Coinbase's 100 million users onto the blockchain.

He shares two key pieces of advice for founders eager to cultivate a community:

"Focus on nurturing and providing incremental stepping stones to attract your initial 100 true fans of the community - those motivated not just by speculation but by a desire to create and be part of something larger than themselves."

For nurturing, he believes founders need to simply "figure out when people want to participate more" and be ready to onboard them.

Regarding incremental stepping stones, Jesse considers it vital to "offer interested participants a bite size way of getting involved allowing them to feel a sense of achievement, so they can take the next step to doing something bigger."

Another valuable lesson Jesse imparts to founders is one of the guiding principles at Base: "the job's not finished," a motto inspired by the late Kobe Bryant.

He elaborates, "This is because our task will only be complete when we've successfully brought the entire world on-chain."

If you want to jump right into the quotes above go to 53:20

Video source: Bringing the World Onchain with Jesse Pollak from BASE | ZEROPOD Episode 21 [Entire talk]

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