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Filecoin Founder Juan Benet: become a Super Learner.

Juan, the founder of Protocol Labs and the developer behind Filecoin and IPFS—currently the largest and most decentralized file storage protocol in crypto—offers some advice to founders.

In the clip below, Juan advises founders to "become super learners."

He elaborates: "No matter what problem you may be facing, you have to get really good at solving problems. And being able to do this on a really fast iteration loop is one of the most critical entrepreneurial skill sets that you can develop."

This skill significantly unlocks velocity and the ability to learn faster than your competition.

"You will face tens of thousands of problems all of which are themselves not that hard but you have to solve them just good enough so you can move on the next one."

If you want to jump right to the quotes above go to 28:49

Video Source: Building web3 Startups - Juan Benet | Pragma Tokyo = ETHGlobal [Entire Talk]

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