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Blockworks' Jason Yanowitz: Mainstream PR Works Best in the Bull Market

"The best PR strategy on a bear market is going crypto native, but in a bull market go as mainstream as possible to move the needle in your metrics"

For nascent startups, securing a spot in a crypto native media company like Jason's Blockworks is wise during downturns, but in a bull market, "an article in the NYT or Wall Street Journal is going to have a large impact."

Jason built the "Bloomberg of crypto" in just 7 years. In this period, he noted that founders often struggle getting media coverage. He explains "to build a bullet proof PR launch strategy you need to first have an article on why your product is great."

After securing media attention, he suggests founders guest on leading podcasts and finally "do a social media blast where you own crypto twitter for a day."

Jason advises preparing your narrative well in advance: "Media moves really quickly so you want to have everything baked out before you reach out." The average lead time is 5-7 days so don't reach out until your 100% ready to announce.

He suggests making a list of 3-5 targeted reporters, emphasizing, "you are not pitching to a publication, you are pitching to a reporter."

Identifying the right reporters requires research: "go on the publication's website, read the stories, and you'll start to see a trend and see which reporters are relevant to you."

For outreach, he suggests leveraging introductions, or if necessary, direct messaging or emailing, beginning with a compliment, showcasing traction, and big customer names. "Then you give them the news piece" but expect to follow up.

Jason recommends offering an exclusive, explaining, "You all need to do that, because you have no leverage in this situation, because you are a startup. And incentives drive the world, so your startup might not give them the page views."

He believes startups should "lead with the money and the big names" or, lacking those, align with the current crypto narrative and share traction figures.

Lastly, "Only give the full story once they've agreed to an embargo on a specific day," ensuring the reporter holds off on publishing until you're ready.

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