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Convert a drawing into an animation!

Extremely easy, fun and free!

If you follow me on warpcast you may have notice I posted a few animation lately, which are so cute and fun. Not perfect but free!.

Everything started a few days ago when I met the anky mentors, and today I felt like I had to draw some chibi ankys. So I made some sketches of them:

Some are my inventions and other are inspired on actual anky mentors.

Just a few hours after I made the chibi Anky sketches, my friend moxarra show me there's a website to animate drawings. He actually said it would be cool to animate my daughter's drawings but they were about to take a shower so I gave it a try first!

Started by drawing the chibi Anky in Procreate.

the chibi Anky is born!

Making a drawing in a piece of paper and taking a photo of it also works!

Then go to:

Click on Upload Photo:

And then click on Next:

Fix the bounding box if necessary and then click Next:

Now check if the character has been correctly masked, fix if necessary and then click Next:

Now check if the character joints have been correctly generated, fix if necessary by dragging the points, think of these as the character bones. Then click Next:

Now the funniest part, select your favorite animation on the left, and your character will come to life on the right!


You can now share or download your animation, to download the MP4 click on Share and then on the first button.

You can easily convert this mp4 into a gif by using online tools or software like Photoshop. Let me know if you would like me to teach you how!


see youu in the ankyverse!

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