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Easiest way to create a FREE MINT on Degen chain

Before we start

You will need a warpcast account, if you still don't have one you can use my invite link and get 50 WARPS gift:

Also you will need a Pinata account. Is free.

And your art you want to give as free mint.

Uploading your art to Pinata

Once you've created and verified your Pinata accont, click on Upload and select File.

Notice max file size is 25 GB.

Click to upload, select your file and change the name if needed.

Now just wait some time depending on your file size.

Copy your image ID by clicking on this icon and paste it somewhere like notepad or whatever.

Now go to Gateways and copy yours.

It would be something like: add the following: /ipfs/ and then your image ID.

At the end your URL should be something like this:

Copy that URL.

Now let's create the mint frame!

Go to this cast: (by @n on /whoami channel) and click on Create.

Paste the URL you created before and then click on Next:

Specify if you will require Follow for mint:

Now specify if you will require Like and Recast for the mint:

Pick a name for your NFT and then click on Create Free Mint.

For this case I used a gif and I got "Image failed to load" but still I will give it a try!

Now click on Share free mint link!

You can edit the info before casting, in this case I will include the image... then CAST!

Copy the link before casting in case you want to share it again later ""

And that's all! Now you have your free mint ready to go!

Here are my current free mints:

Share your free mints in the comments, I'd love to collect them!

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