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AI-Art content example

I started making tutorials online many years ago, I've made youtube videos, I've had blogspot site, steem/hive blog, Patreon, my own websites... and probably more ways to share my knowledge I can't even remember.

I firmly believe if you already took lesson 1 on something you can be a teacher for those who take it after yourself. Also I have learned about 90% (maybe more) of everything I know about Blockchain, Photoshop, Blender, Coding (HTML, CSS, jQuery), music, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Digital art itself... etc... on the internet.

It's been many hours and hours of google, tutorials, videos, asking friends (who kindly offer their help), trial and error, experimenting, mixing, chatGPT (lately)... can't even tell what I could have done without all those resources!

I've been commited 'since I took lesson 1' on sharing what I've learned, I wish I could transmit it in a non-stop flow to everyone who wants to learn too, unfortunately I can't. So I write a tutorial or create a video as soon as possible.

Most of my tutorials are on Hive blog, some of the new ones are on Patreon too, because I gave it a try earlier this year, but since I heard about Paragraph a few weeks ago, I decided to take a big step on moving here and continue posting only here. I am giving you the links of the other platforms in case you want to check my old content.

Not gonna lie, I have tried to monetize my content. Creating a tutorial writen or video, takes time and effort, I always do my best to make it everything clear and even fun if it's possible. In the other hand of course I care about the actual reach of my tutorials. Right now I can get some earnings if I post on Hive, but, to be honest, I don't think anyone is even reading them; I was getting a little earnings on Patreon too but it was so hard to make the content itself, and the reach was so small too.

So I decided to move on from those platforms and try Paragraph; for some good reasons, specially Blockchain thingys, how smooth it is to create content here and the fact that I already have 14 amazing subscribers totally makes me think this is the right choice!

Having said ALL THAT, I want to make something clear:

My tutorials will always be free

For the simple fact that most of my knowledge I've got it for free too; I wouldn't feel ok if I charged for teaching something I didn't pay for learning. Many people has been so kind for sharing their knowledge without charge, I just want to pay it forward.

Anyways, some friends have expressed their dessire to give me monetary support, which I am so happy to accept, because it would actually help me continue creating content. That's why I'm working on the tiers here.

How tiers will work

I still don't decide exactly the amount $ on each tier, but this is how they will work.

  • Let's say we have $20, $10 and $5 tiers.

  • The exclusive content will be dropped on cycles following a ladder system.

  • First post will be dropped to $20 tier.

  • Next post to $10 tier.

  • Then to $5 tier.

  • Now we start again, dropping to $20 tier.

  • It will be random, defined by the time of posting and who got the last post.

  • So it doesn't mean $20 tier will always get something 'huge' and $5 tier always getting something 'small'. It will be a matter of luck.

  • I will start with only one tier, and wait for your comments!

So this definitely means, if you opt to a tier, you do it because you want to support my content, my art or simply myself (to say it somehow); and that's the amount you want to support me with.

If the exclusive content won't be tutorials, then what will it be?

Good question, my darling. What I plan to post as exclusive content is everything else that is not a tutorial. There could be exceptions tho, I mean, I could drop something that is not a tutorial to the free subscribers so they have a little try on what exclusive content is, but that would be very rare. So what is not a tutorial?

  • Stories, Haikus, maybe poems and songs (could be in English, Spanish or both).

  • Blog (more personal stuff).

  • AI-Art.

  • Backgrounds.

  • Behind the scenes (this is different to a tutorial because it will have a total different approach).

  • What comes to my head.

  • I will listen to your suggestions too!

And how often will I post this exclusive content?

I know if you subscribe to any of the tiers, you will be supporting me with a monthly apportation. But, to be honest, I am not 100% sure I will post exclusive content every month. I am being super honest. Specially now after trying Patreon for a few months. I noticed sometimes I just couldn't find what to post. Still I am very motivated with Paragraph, so my main goal is a commitment with 1 exclusive post, first one will go to the max tier. So if in the same month I have something new to post it will go to second tier, and so on. Hope is clear!

This is also why I just decided to start with one tier and increment as I find possible to, and also waiting for your feedback.

I really thank you if have read this far! I am open to suggestions, comments, questions, please let me know. What would you like to see as exclusive content?

You can leave a comment here or reach me on farcaster or twitter.

And again, thank you for reading and for your support!

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