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Call me Barbie

Yes, you read that right

Yesterday, I stepped out of my comfort zone once again and played the role of Barbie for an Italian TV show.

Yes, you read that right.

I'm not Italian, and I'm definitely not a Barbie. So how did I end up here? And why did I say yes?

On Saturday, I was asked to be a hair model for a member of my boyfriend's family who was competing on an Italian TV show. She needed my help to participate, so I asked for more details, questioned myself, but ultimately accepted, even if I didn’t understand the Barbie part. I love to support others, and I was curious about the experience.

I describe myself as neither a model nor a photographer. But since I never had the chance to be a real model, I felt the need to see and experience for myself.

And guess what? I can confirm that I'm neither a model nor a photographer. I apologize to those who prefer labels for the sake of convenience, but I don't fit into any category.

On Tuesday, I spent hours in a TV studio, silently following the rules and being a good Barbie (I guess?). And I hated it! I had no words, the environment felt artificial, even the TV set was falling apart, I was a doll and that was it. I realized that modeling requires a lot of patience and discipline. And those are not my qualities. 

I create art, sometimes as an art director, sometimes as my own muse, collaborating with photographers or doing self-portraits. But I remain, unequivocally, neither a model nor a photographer. I'm a passionate artist unconfined by narrow definitions, who thrives in the space of creativity, bringing poetry, femininity and tenderness to life in Nude Art. Photography is my main medium.

If I've decided to share this experience with you, it's because I deeply believe that it’s hard to judge something without experiencing it. I am not considering this as the true reflection of being a professional model (even if it’s extremely similar to what a friend of mine described to me). Today I know myself better and I've grown, I love natural hair and minimalist makeup, I love following my instincts and creating with my body, I still want to create a fairytale but of my own.

Step out of your comfort zone it’s the only way to learn about yourself.

(Barbie) Pauline

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