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Using AI tools to create content for blogs and web pages

Using AI tools to create content for blogs and web pages


Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the way we create different kinds of content. AI-powered tools are helping creators to do research, get ideas, and generate high-quality content. In this article, we will explore some of the best AI tools available for text based output like blog or social media posts, articles, and web pages. We’ll discuss how these tools can help streamline content creation, improve SEO, save time, and ultimately produce better quality.


This is a helpful tool to assist you in writing blog content. For example, you can get it to write summaries or even parts of the content, but you will have to curate and edit:

This is an online word processor similar to google docs, but it also has AI features from ChatGPT which are built in. So, you don’t have to exit the document to use them. (I think that Lex may still require an invite to onboard, since it hasn’t fully launched yet. I have a few left.) It is simple to use, and free for now. I don’t know how much it will cost when they release it.


This tool has several templates for generating content for things like tutorials or blogs. You fill in a form, and it generates sample content that you can then use to edit. It is free for now, and pretty simple to use:

There is a free and a paid plan. I am testing out the free one for now. The premium one is $20/month. This one also combines the features of and Maestro as well as a lot of other things. It also has chatgpt as an assistant like Lex. There is also chrome extension that can scan external documents to learn your writing style. It is ultimately more powerful, but also more complex to use than Lex.

This one also combines the features of, ansd Maestro, and more. It is quite extensive. It can be used for marketing and sales copy, as well as blog posts. I am testing out the free plan. The premium plan is intended for professional writers at $50/month. It can also generate images from text prompts, but the quality isn’t as good as the dedicated AI image tools that I talked about in my previous blog post.

This one can also be used for creating blog posts, and landing pages for web sites. There is a free plan which has some minor restrictions and a $25/month paid one which is unlimited. It also has the ability to create art, but it is rudimentary compared to the dedicated AI art generating tools based on stable diffusion.


As you can see, there are several AI tools available to help make the process of creating blog articles and website content easier and more efficient. New ones are being released frequently. GPTChatbot, Lex.Page, Maestro, HyperwriteAI, RyterAI, and are all powerful tools that provide users with helpful AI features to generate ideas, help with research and content. Each of these tools have free and paid plans, and they offer different features, so users should also consider the cost when assessing which one is best for them to use. The tools should be used for assisting your writing, so you will still need to modify and edit content generated by the AI. They are not a replacement for good writing skills and habits.