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Farcon x FCNY Giveaway!

Farcon is delighted to partner with FCNY to bring an exhilarating giveaway to this year's Farcon! Step into the spirit of community and innovation with us. Karo (@serendipity) from FCNY will be announcing randomized winners for an array of fantastic prizes at several key moments throughout the event:

Thursday, May 2nd

After lunch at the Summit

At the Summit conclusion

At the start of the Summit After Party

Sunday, May 5th

During the FarCon Closing Ceremony's Closing Lunch + FarHack Prizes

Please note: Winners must be present to claim their prize at the time of announcement. Each attendee can win only once during Farcon week.

(Please scroll down to see entry, eligibility, prizes, distribution, etc.) 

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The BeavChris and BArt-Head Show (@bcbhshow.eth) is a weekly podcast for the Farcaster middle class by @christin and @artlu. Streaming on /unlonely, mintable episodes on /base via /zora, clips on /drakula, links+transcript on /paragraph, /bcbhshow Warpcast channel.

HYPE: $100 in trading credit (x1)

Hype - Trade memes. Get access to the Hype app & $100 in trading credit.

GOGH: $100 credit for Gogh Marketplace (x1)

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Gogh is a peer 2 peer marketplace for physical products. Our goal is to bring the Web3 community together by offering a safe onchain shopping experience

RARI CHAIN: NiFTy Displays - Square Backlit Display (x1)

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RARI Chain embeds royalties on the node level to guarantee royalty payments. A secure, low-cost, decentralized Ethereum L3 blockchain. Built by RARI Foundation, powered by Arbitrum. 

Warpshop: $100 Credit Across All Warpshops (x1)

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Create your shop in a Farcaster frame. Warpshop is a no-code tool to make an interactive storefront that lives in your social media feed. Build your shop in minutes and start selling where the conversation happens.

Creator Packaged Goods: Limited Edition Reply Guy T-shirt by Yonfrula

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Creator Packaged Goods is making it easier for creators to offer merch to your audience. The Reply Guy T-shirt is a limited run design by Yonfrula. Follow updates on the /cpg channel and reach out to @jachian for more info.

Lighthouse: $100 Uber Gift Card (x4)

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Lighthouse.Storage is building a permanent onchain future, serving use cases like storage of NFTs, Data Availability, AI, and much more on Filecoin. Their encryption SDK, powered by threshold cryptography, is used to secure data on the decentralized web and build token-gated applications.

How to Enter:

  • Check-In with POAP: At the event, check in using POAP and this is your entry to the giveaway.

  • Automatic Entry: Checking in with POAP automatically enters you into the giveaway. There's nothing more you need to do to be in the running for a prize. However, to claim your prize, you must be present at the time of announcement.

  • Giveaway Frame: To manage the giveaway, we’re using an interactive frame created by @breadcat that will be posted in /farcon.

  • Drawing and Winning: The giveaway frame will randomly select winners from those who checked in via POAP. It ensures a fair chance for all entrants.

  • Check if You've Won: Stay tuned to the Farcon channel to see the frame in action. You can actively check to see if you've won and follow along as winners are announced.


  • Details about the prizes are provided above. Remember, if you win, subsequent wins will be invalidated to allow everyone a fair chance.


  • Prize distribution is managed by the sponsors or individuals who provided them. Organizers will facilitate winner announcements and connect winners with contributors for prize collection.

Legal Disclaimers:

  • Farcon, FCNY, and its organizers disclaim all responsibility for the condition, delivery, and quality of the prizes. Prizes are awarded "as is" with no warranties.

  • Participation in the giveaway is voluntary and at the participant's own risk. By entering, you release Farcon, FCNY, and its organizers from any liability for losses or damages that may arise from participation or from receiving or using the prize.

Winner Announcement:

  • Winners will be revealed during the event times listed above. Make sure to check if you’ve won following each announcement.

    We're dedicated to making the giveaways a thrilling and memorable experience for everyone, with transparent and fair practices. Don't miss out—participate and you could be walking away with a fantastic prize!

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