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FCNY #2 - Giveaway Prizes

Community Partners, Raffle Contributors, and Beverage Partners

Hey everyone,

Super excited for FCNY #2, and I’m incredibly thankful for the amazing backing from our sponsors! They each play a vital role in making
FCNY#2 not just possible, but memorable.

Community Partners: Huge thanks to our supporters who’ve stepped up to help cover most of the essentials. Their contributions ensure we can enjoy the event to the fullest without worrying about the basics.

Raffle Heroes: Get ready for some exciting surprises, thanks to the generous companies donating amazing prizes. It’s going to be a blast!

Beverage Buddies: A big cheer for POAP and PRIVY! They’re ensuring we stay refreshed throughout the event, helping make the good times roll.

Organizing FCNY is a labor of love for me—there’s no paycheck at the end, just the satisfaction of bringing us all together. It’s the support from our sponsors for each meetup that helps bridge the gap and cover most of what we need to make that meetup happen.

FCNY is always looking to connect with more sponsors who want to support our vibrant community! For FCNY#2, we've had over 475 people apply to join and only have capacity for 80 people at the venue. Having more sponsors would allow us to reserve larger venues that can hold more people and create more memorable experiences. If you or someone you know is interested in getting involved, please reach out to @serendipity.

What's Happening at FCNY#2?

  • NFT Check-In: Start the night right by securing your unique variable NFT through Icebreaker. Collect these at each FCNY event to eventually build your very own digital FCNY archway.

  • Bowling Extravaganza: We’ve reserved a bowling alley for unlimited strikes, spares, and laughs.

  • Art Showcase: The captivating artwork of @Priyanka will be displayed on a large screen at the event.

  • YOINK IRL: Jump into @horsefact's IRL Yoink! game, a special treat designed exclusively for FCNY attendees.

  • Photography Moments: Professional photos and instant printouts are available to capture and keep your best moments.

Giveaway Prizes

OPACITY: $250 worth of gift cards (5 winners)

$150 Sugarfish gift card (x1) $25 Starbucks gift card (x4)

Opacity Labs, a fresh face in the industry, is dedicated to fostering authenticated connections through zkTLS technology. As part of our commitment to the FCNY raffle, we are offering coffee and dinner gift cards. At Opacity Labs, we firmly believe that forging connections is not merely important, but rather a cornerstone of success. We encourage individuals and groups to utilize these gift cards as a means to arrange meetings and further fortify their relationships.

GM FARCASTER: 3 month Hypersub mole subscription + swag (1 winner)

GM Farcaster is a 21 minute morning news show, live streamed three times a week, with co-hosts @NounishProf and @adrienne, where they give you all the latest news happening across the Farcaster protocol. Join them Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 8:30 AM - 8:51 AM EST

ICEBREAKER: personalized, engraved metal card (1 winner)

Icebreaker Labs is redefining how people and organizations connect by building the world’s dynamic, self-sovereign connections layer. With just a tap, exchange info with anyone, while you stay in control of what gets shared

SEEMORE.TV: Free year of seemore subscription (1 winner) automagically crafts creator pages, allowing creators to share all their best content across the internet in 1 beautiful page.

StationX: 4000 $DEGEN (1 winner)

Station X makes it easy to run syndicates on Farcaster.

ProxyStudio: Hypersub NFT loaded with 12 months subscription (1 winner)

@proxystudio.eth is an open venture studio on Farcaster x Base. The hypersub NFT is a capped collection (150) with 85 NFTs remaining, and 12 months would typically cost 0.06 ETH. You can find more at /openventures

NEYNAR: Free subscription for 1 month (3 winners)

Neynar makes it easy to build on Farcaster.

PRIYANKA: In Waves of Peace (1 winner)

Priyanka is a Canada based south asian photographer whose passion for photography is a manifestation of her yearning for peace and tranquility in a world that often feels overwhelming. She donated her edition “in waves of peace” for FCNY#2.

HODLHQ: Ledger-Nano-S-Plus (1 winner)

@hodlceo is the founder of HODLHQ, a community for all web3 users and their unique convictions. Their platform was built to educate, create, and grow with our members.

@alexroytenberg : 30 minute tax consultation (1 winner)

Giveaway Terms and Conditions for FCNY #2

Eligibility: Participation is solely for attendees present at FCNY #2.

Entry Method: To enter the giveaway, attendees must follow specific instructions provided at the event. These instructions will involve interacting with a designated Farcaster frame, using a password displayed on a screen at the event.

Selection of Winners: Winners will be selected through a random drawing from entries received via the Farcaster giveaway frame. The selection process ensures fairness and impartiality.

Prizes: Detailed information about the prizes can be found above. To maintain equity and excitement among participants, each attendee is eligible to win only one prize. Subsequent wins by the same participant will be invalidated, and a new winner will be drawn for the remaining prizes.

Distribution of Prizes: It is the responsibility of the raffle contributors (sponsors or individuals who provided the prizes) to directly manage and execute the distribution of prizes to the winners at FCNY #2. Organizers will facilitate the winner announcements and connect winners with the contributors for prize collection.

Legal Disclaimers:

  • FCNY#2 and its organizers disclaim all responsibility for the condition, delivery, and quality of the prizes. Prizes are awarded "as is," without any warranty, express or implied.

  • Prizes will be awarded directly by the sponsors or individuals who have provided them. The organizers act solely as intermediaries and cannot be held liable for any issues related to the distribution or condition of the prizes.

  • Participation in the giveaway is voluntary and at the participant's own risk.

  • By participating in the giveaway, attendees release FCNY#2 and its organizers from any liability for losses, damages, or expenses that may arise from their participation in the giveaway or from the receipt or use of any prize.

Winner Announcement: Winners will be revealed during the event. Ensure to check if you’ve won following the announcement. We're dedicated to making FCNY #2 a thrilling and memorable experience for everyone, with transparent and fair giveaway practices.

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