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The Future of FCNY: Side Events

FCNY Tabletop Meetup

FCNY is thrilled to announce that in addition to our 100+ larger community meetups, such as our upcoming FCNY#3, we will be supporting other community side events. To kick things off, we're organizing our first FCNY tabletop meetup at a private, members-only /tabletop club.

WHEN: Wednesday, June 12th, 2024 @ 6 PM - 9 PM

WHERE: Brooklyn at a Private, members-only Tabletop Club

GAMES: You get to choose what we play! We'll discuss what games to bring in the chat.

WHAT TO BRING: BYOB, food, and your A-game!

Cost: The club requires a $15 entry fee. Please note that by choosing to RSVP, you are confirming that you will pay the club $15 online to confirm your entry as my guest

CAPACITY: 16 people

PRIZES: pending

Do I need to arrive on time? No, you can come and go as you please, but you must pay the $15 to confirm your spot.

Why only 16 people? This is a pilot with the tabletop club, and this is the number of members they are comfortable with me hosting.

How can I support FCNY? Tip $DEGEN to @serendipity, $ to fatefinder.eth, ask for venmo

How can I support this event? Mint the NFT below. Funds go towards food, drinks, prizes, organizational fees

Will there be more tabletop meetups? That depends on you, the community! If you'd like for this to be a series, let me know.

What other side events do you envision? Art events, wellness events, hackathons, etc.

How can I sponsor or help organize events at FCNY? Check out our website and contact @serendipity

Thank you to @ispeaknerd.eth for contributing funds for food.

If you're interested in supporting food/drinks please message me!

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