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Editions x 1/1s

Main differences and when to choose each

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I see many artists struggling with what to do when minting their NFTs. Should it be a 1/1, or should it be an edition? Let's break it down in a relatable way!

1/1 Art: Just like original art (i.e., a unique painting hand-made by the artist), NFTs can be one-of-a-kind digital masterpieces. These unique NFTs are created by artists and minted as individual tokens on the blockchain, representing sole ownership of that particular artwork. It's like owning a rare gem in the digital world! To keep it truly unique, mint it on only ONE blockchain (ETH, TEZ, SOL, etc). 

1/1 I collected from Daisa. On FND it shows the artist, the collector, and how much it was last sold for.

Editions: Think of it like prints in the traditional art industry. Some artists may choose to create editions of their digital artworks as NFTs. These editions can still be exclusive, as the artist can specify the number of copies in the edition, and each NFT in the edition can be numbered if you use ERC-721, as they are minted as single tokens. For larger editions, I recommend ERC-1155, as they can be minted as multiples of the same token.

ERC-721 numbered editions I collected from Victor. They show as separate tokens on my wallet
3 ERC-1155 editions I collected from Giovani. They show stacked in my wallet.

In a nutshell, NFT originals are unique, limited editions have a set number of copies, and open editions have no limit. The choice depends on factors like exclusivity, scarcity, affordability, investment potential, personal preferences, and artistic value.

So, when to choose each?

1/1s are for serious collectors who appreciate the exclusivity and potential increase in value. It's like owning a rare gemstone in your NFT collection!

Limited editions are great for a wider audience who still want value but may not afford the exclusivity of a 1/1. They have the potential for increased value over time due to their limited availability and collectible nature, appealing to art lovers and investors alike.

Open editions are for those who want to support the artist's work and enjoy their digital art without the constraints of limited availability or exclusivity. They are for art lovers who value aesthetics and personal connection more than investment potential.

I hope this helps you choose the perfect NFT minting option for your art! Keep creating and collecting in this cyber renascence!

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I invite you to check out some fantastic talents from my home country below. More listings will be added soon:

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