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ArtPacks Revolution

Understanding our market and finding solutions

Dear artists, collectors, and art enthusiasts!

Yes, I have been absent, and I apologize. My past few months have been dedicated to building something huge for the art community, a partnership with Nik Kalyani.

I would like to introduce you to ArtPacks and share some of my vision of what we are building, why we are building it, and how we plan to support the NFT Art Community.

During my 20+ years in the art industry, the most important thing I have learned is: selling art is not easy. There are several things one has to master in order to sell, and the "least" important (although it should be the most important) is the actual art.

When I joined web3, I heard over and over about how artists could now connect directly with collectors (a huge perception mistake) as if that would help them sell their art. People got confused between content ownership and relationship.

There are tons of things I love about web3, and a top favorite is that you own your content. A platform may go down, and you may lose the interface you are used to, but the actual content is minted on the blockchain, provenance points to the creator, and all you need is to know how to read and edit it (the job platforms do for you).

When you think about art and the dream of having no middleman, no gatekeeping to present your content (art in this case), you go back to the misleading idea that if you create, someone will buy. It is not that simple. Web3 offers no gatekeeping to mint your art. Sales is another thing.

Having managed my own art business for roughly 20 years, I realized that the least I did in the period was actual art. I spent 99% of my time on administrative and marketing tasks. I did most of my sales directly to my collectors, very few through galleries. The sales part took most of my time.

I have watched artists in the NFT space look at a handful of highly successful cases and dream that it would be easy to replicate and that every artist could become a millionaire. We had a lot of incredible stories in 2021, but with the bear market, most artists have come to the sad conclusion that it is actually not that easy.

What is ArtPacks? 

ArtPacks is an Art Minting Platform using gamification as an attractive to collectors.

Collectors buy a pack containing five artworks inside that are revealed after purchase. The entry point is low, with a chance of revealing a higher-valued art. All possible pieces for each drop pass a curation process to ensure quality.

All artists in the drop get a percentage of the total sales of the group. 

Why ArtPacks?

We bring an innovative format that offers solutions both to artists and collectors.

For artists, we offer marketing and sales solutions. For collectors, we offer an easy and reliable way to collect digital art as we research the artists, curate, and even provide credit card payment options as well as crypto.

Our Plan:

Offer collectors a fun and easy experience to grow their art collection while providing artists with a group system so they don’t have to worry about pushing for sales on their own.

Our GENESIS drop launches on August 3rd with 62 amazing artists! Signup for AL opens TODAY.

Season 1 offers 13 themed drops—one per week.

Learn more on our website.

And why listen to me...

Who is Fer? 

I’m a 46 years old single mom, Brazilian-born fiery Latina. I started working at the age of 15 as my mother's assistant in her graphic design home studio. My first gold medal award for art was at the age of 12 in a competition for adults. However, I never believed art was a possible career, so my formal education is in Marketing and Advertising. I went to school at night so I could have a full-time job, not by monetary need, but because I wanted to be ahead in my career.

In my first year of University, I was accepted as a trainee at a major multinational, and after I left, one year later, the Marketing Director personally called me to offer me a position in the company he had moved to. I was doing really well. In 2000 I got married, and due to a work opportunity for him, we moved to the USA. My visa didn’t allow me to work, so I returned to art, my first love. Again, I received awards and have a long list of international exhibitions and accomplishments, including a 2-story museum solo exhibition and being co-owner and marketing director at a gallery in Charleston, SC.

In 2021 I started my journey on NFTs through a collector’s invitation, being part of a charitable project (Kindred Hearts). Since then, I have several sold-out collections, have been a speaker at NFTNYC twice, a speaker at NFT Moonfest in Las Vegas, and have created and participated widely in virtual events.