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Meme Coins and NFT Art

Another season ends. What have we learned so far?

In recent years, the world of digital assets has expanded beyond traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. One emerging trend in this space is the rise of meme coins. However, the impact of meme coins extends beyond just their own market, as they can also potentially affect the NFT art market.

In 2021 I personally lost a lot trying to get into the meme coins game. Unless you are experienced at trading, chances are, you are going to lose money. The people making money are the ones that know what they are doing, and they manipulate the market and feed on the ones that have no knowledge on trade.

There are also some potential downsides to the rise of meme coins. One factor that has been a concern for NFT artists and collectors is the increase in gas prices during meme coin seasons. Gas prices refer to the fees that users pay to perform transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, which is the network on that many NFTs are built. During periods of high demand for transactions, gas prices can increase significantly, which can make it more expensive for collectors to buy and sell NFT art.

Despite this potential drawback, there are also some potential upsides to the rise of meme coins for the NFT art market. One potential benefit is that investors who make a profit on meme coins may be more likely to reinvest their earnings in other digital assets, including NFT art. This could potentially drive up demand and prices in the NFT art market.

In conclusion, while the impact of meme coins on the NFT art market is complex and multifaceted, it is clear that these two markets are interconnected in some ways. As the world of digital assets continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see how these markets continue to interact and influence each other.

This year I made some profit on meme coins and have used them to buy more art. I currently hold only ONE meme coin: 420. It was created by an artist friend. It may go to zero; it may grow. We don’t know yet, but it is as an experiment to understand the process better. We are playing the game. Not financial advise.

As always DYOR. Not advertising for a perfume either. 🤣

Artist Spotlight - Anna (ArtVisionNFT)

  • Please introduce yourself

My name is Anna. I am a Ukrainian self-made artist. I graduated in law, but art takes up my whole life. More recently I have moved to art as my full-time job. I'm also a passionate photographer, writer, and love to travel.

  • What's your Twitter handle?


  • What is your medium and style?

During my journey in the art world I have been working with different mediums and styles, since physical pieces of art (such as painting traditional Ukrainian pysanky, and doing embroidery arts), to abstract digital arts, 3D arts, and more recently using AI tools.

  • How long have you been an artist for?

I have been creating arts as a hobby since I was a kid, painting traditional Ukrainian pysanky with my family, drawing, playing musics (piano), or writing. Just more recently (more precisely on August, 2021), thanks to NFTs, I could make from the art my way of living.

  • What inspired you to become an artist? 

For me, becoming an artist was a natural progression of my love for self-expression and creativity. From a young age, I was drawn to the arts - whether it was music, drawing, or writing - as a way to communicate my thoughts, feelings, and ideas. As I grew older, my passion for art only deepened. I found that creating art gave me a sense of freedom and allowed me to explore my innermost thoughts and emotions in a way that words alone could not. Over time, I began to realize that art was not just a hobby, but something that I wanted to pursue more seriously. I was inspired by the works of other artists, and I wanted to contribute to the world of art in my own unique way. Looking back, I realize that what inspired me to become an artist was the desire to express myself fully and authentically.

  • When did you start on NFTs?

I joined the web3/NFTs/Twitter precisely on 28 August 2021

  • How is your creative process?

When it comes to creating art, I find that my imagination and inspiration are key components of my creative process. To start any project, I take some time to clear my mind and connect with the source of creativity within me. Meditation is an important tool that I use to help me achieve this state of mind. I also find that surrounding myself with inspiration is a helpful way to jumpstart my imagination. I look to nature, music, literature, and other forms of art to fuel my creativity and give me new ideas to explore.

  • Did NFTs change the way you create?

The NFTs themselves haven't changed the way I created art, but I had to learn new tools such as 3D editiors (Blender) and AI tools. Recently I have been more focused on exploring AI tools and their possibilities to create arts.

  • What is the piece you are most proud of? Add a link.

I'm proud of each piece of art I create, especially the ones I mint as NFTs. Every piece of art for me means also an achievement, such as have been able to use a new tool to create arts. This is one of my most recent pieces of art I have minted and certainly one that I'm most proud of! Its title is 'The Creator'. https:

  • Do you have a drop coming that you want people to know more about?

I have regular drops (almost every two weeks) in my collection Serenity, on tezos chain. In this collection I aim to create arts that bring you a sensation of peace, joy, and calm to the soul. To do that, besides the theme of each piece of art, I also explore different kind of textures from the real world that I can mimic using AI tools.

The link of the collection is: https:

On Foundation I also have launched a new collection, named Visionary Voyages. That's a collection of stunning AI photo art that will take you on a journey of wonder and imagination. From the radiant glow of a sunset to the twinkling lights of a city skyline, every image in Visionary Voyages is a celebration of the beauty and mystery of the world around us.

The link of the collection is: https:

  • Who are the people that inspire you on web3?

Every single person inspires me in web 3, and I truly believe that everyone has something unique and valuable to offer. The web 3 community is filled with people from all walks of life, with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. I am constantly amazed by the depth of talent and creativity that I see every day. Whether it's a developer creating a new blockchain protocol, a designer crafting a beautiful user interface, or an entrepreneur building a decentralized application, each person brings their own unique perspective and skill set to the table. What I find particularly inspiring about the web 3 community is the spirit of collaboration and openness that pervades it. People are always willing to share their knowledge and expertise, and to work together to solve difficult problems and build something truly remarkable. It is this collective sense of purpose and community that makes web 3 such an inspiring and exciting space to be a part of. I am grateful for every person who contributes to this ecosystem, and I look forward to seeing what amazing things we can accomplish together.

  • Who is your dream collab?

I have several people with whom I wish to have a collab in the future, when I feel that's the right time to do so. I would prefer to keep the answer of it as a secret.

  • If you could travel in time, where/when would you like to visit and why?

If I had the chance to travel through time, I would choose to visit the 19th century Baroque era. The beauty, extravagance, and cultural refinement of this time period have always fascinated me. I am struck by the grandeur and sophistication of the architecture of that time. The intricate details and ornate decorations on the buildings are awe-inspiring. The fashion of the Baroque era is equally stunning. I adore the luxurious dresses and suits, adorned with intricate lace, embroidery, and accessories that reflect the elegance and beauty of the era. I can't help but feel drawn to the music of the Baroque era, with its complex melodies, beautiful harmonies, and breathtaking vocal performances. Attending a performance or ball, surrounded by the beauty and opulence of the time, would be a dream come true. In many ways, the Baroque era represents the pinnacle of human creativity, beauty, and refinement.

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Back on Tezos with "Fluid Flames" my first AI-based Collection

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