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NFTNYC Round 3: Highlights and Happenings!

A quick chat with Beeple at an NFT party

Before we start, here is a quick recap.

My first NFTNYC was a wild ride!

I had no clue what to expect when I got there. My onboarding collector gave me a ticket to watch his presentation as I am involved in his project, but I ended up partying too hard the night before and missed it because I was so hungover. Oops!

But I did manage to connect with a few cool artists, and we hung out together most of the time. I quickly realized that some of the best events were happening outside the main conference.

Got my first bundle commission (NFT+oil) out of a contact I made when getting coffee at Starbucks in Times Square.

The second time I went to NFTNYC, I had built a community of fellow painters, and a bunch of us were there. It was so awesome to finally meet up IRL; we called it "HUGFEST"!

Instead of just hanging out with a small group, I was moving around with like 10 or 15 friends and even met some new people outside my main circle. Plus, I got to speak on a panel for the first time that year, talking about "rebranding" for traditional artists transitioning to NFTs. It was amazing to have my friends in the audience supporting me.

At our panel. Yes, I was barefoot.

Another highlight from the 2nd NFTNYC was having my art showcased at a few venues, including Times Square! It felt amazing to have all my friends around screaming when the Phoenix popped up. The piece was collected by techbuble in a bid war, closing at 1.5ETH.

This year was totally different. I scored a solo speaking spot and talked about how we can use the blockchain to preserve art and history. I was way more focused on making meaningful connections, and to my surprise, people actually recognized me and approached me! It was really heartwarming to hear so many compliments and know that I'm making a positive impact in the community. I feel so grateful for all the love!

Some highlights from 2023 included checking out Times Square NFTs take over art after the VIP speakers' dinner, meeting some OGs in the space and hanging out with some incredible people, visiting galleries and exhibitions (I loved the setup at Crypt Gallery the most), going on a mission to photograph everyone's art (although I totally missed most of my own!), and having some 1-on-1 meals to discuss exciting opportunities.

Oh, and one of the best moments (not related, but happened while there) was when Cozomo de Medici collected the first piece on my first curated FND World, and I was with the artist to celebrate together. It was such a memorable experience!

Curating has been an incredibly fulfilling experience, and I highly encourage checking out the Brazil World on Foundation. I am so proud of the incredible talent in this group!

I still can't get over all the amazing people I got to meet and catch up IRL. It was honestly the best year in that sense, and I believe that during the bear market, you can really see who is in it for the long haul, building a meaningful legacy. We will always remember those who persevere through tough times.

I'm committed to continuing to bring value to the community through my newsletters, so please feel free to drop a comment or request a topic. We're all in this together!

Much Love,

Fer Caggiano