LI.FI Quiz

🔴📌LiFi x AMB Quiz

1. What does AMB stand for?

- Arbitrary messaging bridge

2. Which is the most accurate definition of an AMB?

- AMBs are bridges that allow for any piece of data, including tokens…

3. Which is an AMB?

- Layerzero

4. Which is not an AMB?

- Celo

5. The term ‘’cross-chain bridge’’ has become synonymous with ‘’token bridge’’ in recent times.


6. Which among the following are use cases of AMBs?

- All of the above

7. AMB’s do not allow for any piece of data…?

- False

8. What is meant by the term ‘transaction lifecycle’’?

- The process of sending messages from one blockchain to another

9. Bridges never come with trade-offs between them

- This statement is true

10. Axelar gateway contracts have limits to which EVM contacts they can connect to.

- This statement is false

11. Axelar is a __based chain

- Cosmos

12. Axelar is consensus agnostic

- This statement is true

13. With Axelar, who takes care of the finalization, relay fees?

- Axelar

14. Axelar acts as the _ layer that unifies…

- Translation

15. With Axelar, how many signatures are needed to authorize transactions?

- One

16. Axelar does not offer Scalability through IBC

- This statement is false

17. Axelar, in the current set, there is a maximum of ___ validators

- 50

18. Would it be correct to say that LayerZero describes itself as an ‘omni-chain’ solution?

- Yes, it would be…

19. LayerZero is designed to carry lightweight messages…?

- This statement is true

20. What is LayerZero’s main selling point

- A lack of extra trust assumptions

21. Layer Zero Can be utilized…?

- All of the above

22. How many chains does LayerZero support?

- 11

23. How many off-chain entities does LayerZero rely upon?

- Two

24. A LayerZero transaction/message only requires ___ gas in a single call

- Source

25. Which is the correct definition of LayerZero’s Pre-Crime?

- This feature allows a relayer to stop a hack before it happens. Relayers can fork…

26. With LayerZero, the number of relayers…?

- This statement is true

27. LayerZero does not add an intermediary…?

- Native Chain

28. Nomad is not an example of an AMB

- This statement is false

29. ___ Verify Nomad transactions

- Watchers

30. Nomad’s system relies on the _ to maintain uptime

- Updater

31. Wormhole connects Ethereum to…?

- Ethereum to Solana

32. What does Wormhole call their nodes/validators?

- Guardians

33. Wormhole has Non-EVM compatibility

- This statement is true

34. Wormhole’s Portal token bridge has amassed…

- $500M

35. What is the Wormhole guardians’ role?

- To monitor the state of each supported Wormhole blockchain

36. Wormhole’s guardians are not doxxed

- This statement is false

37. Wormhole has partnerships with which of the following:

- Both

38. What’s the name of Multichain’s anycall network…?

- Secure Multi-Party Computation

39. Multichain’s anycall cross-chain contract calls…

- This statement is true

40. Multichain has over ___ in total bridged volume to…

- $86B

41. How many layers is anyCall’s architecture divided into?

- Two

42. anyCall depends on Multichain’s Multi-Party…

- This statement is true

43. What was Hyperlane previously known as?

- Abacus

44. Hyperlane uses “” and “” smart contracts…

- “Inbox” and “Outbox”

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