Node Massa Installation Guide

Configuration requirements:

4 CPU, 8 GB RAM, 100 GB SSD, Ubuntu 20.04

How to buy VPS on contabo:

Step 1: Prepare

  • Run the update

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y

  • Install required packages

sudo apt install wget jq git build-essential pkg-config libssl-dev -y

  • Download and extract the file: copy all 1 line

massa_version=`wget -qO- | jq -r ".tag_name"`; \

wget -qO $HOME/massa.tar.gz "${massa_version}/massa_${massa_version}_release_linux.tar.gz"; \

tar -xvf $HOME/massa.tar.gz; \

rm -rf $HOME/massa.tar.gz

  • Order execution:

chmod +x $HOME/massa/massa-node/massa-node \


Step 2: Launch the node

  • Create a password for the node:

. <(wget -qO- -n massa_password

Enter the value: enter pass 

  • Check your password for correct

echo "$massa_password"

  • If the password is incorrect, add it manually as follows:

sed -i "/ massa_password=/d" $HOME/.bash_profile

echo 'export massa_password="ВВЕСТИ_ПАРОЛЬ"' >> $HOME/.bash_profile

. $HOME/.bash_profile

  • Get file

. <(wget -qO-

  • Change the start buttons in the configuration:

. <(wget -qO- \ -rb

  • Create a service file: Copy all typed in 1 line 

sudo tee <<EOF >/dev/null /etc/systemd/system/massad.service


Description=Massa Node




ExecStart=$HOME/massa/massa-node/massa-node -p "$massa_password"






  • Run the service file: 

sudo systemctl daemon-reload

sudo systemctl enable massad

sudo systemctl restart massad

  • Check log: 


Waiting for when to log out Successful bootstrap is ok

Step 3: Create an old wallet/add an old wallet

  • Launch client:


  • Create a new wallet if you don't already have one (be sure to copy the secret key and save it)


  • Re-add the wallet key from the old Round if there is already one

wallet_add_secret_keys <your private key>

  • Check the added wallet address


  • Exit create wallet


Step 4: Manipulate the project discord

  • Join discord server, bypass yourself

  • Visit channel # ⌠💸⌡testnet-faucet

Post Address wallet taken at the top wallet_info Axx

  • Check if there is a balance 


Step 5: Staking to buy Rolls

  • Buy ROLLs for full balance

massa_buy_rolls -mb

  • Need to wait 1-2 minutes and check if ROLL buy has appeared by checking the following order


  • Next, you need to enable the betting feature for the wallet by command

massa_cli_client -a node_add_staking_secret_keys

After registering the key to place a bet, you need to wait about 1 hour and 40 minutes until the ROLL is active, and after a while, the tokens for betting will begin to accumulate.

  • Information about the node can be viewed with the command:


Step 6: Open the port

  • Run the command file to open the port:

. <(wget -qO- \


  • Check if the port is open:

ss -tulpn | grep :3124

Step 7: Register node with discord

  • Go back to the project and go to #⌠✅⌡testnet-rewards-registration

Write any message and wait for the bot to send into private messages (only interact with bots)

  • Sending IP nodes to bots 

  • Run the command on the server and enter the bot-issued Discord ID

massa_cli_client -a node_testnet_rewards_program_ownership_proof

  • Copy ID in discord bot (for anyone running the old round, find the discord ID and post to the node)

  • Enter the ID to the node:

  • Copy the returned node line into discord: copy by blackening the whole then typing enter is ok

  • Make sure that everything is done correctly (there must be all 3 values) by submitting to the discord: info

Check NODE status:

Additional statements:

  • Back up files: echo $HOME/massa/massa-node/config/node_privkey.key echo $HOME/massa/massa-client/wallet.dat

  • Stop node

sudo systemctl stop massad

  • Delete node: rm -rf $HOME/massa

Fix errors if the score is not up:

  • Revisit the massa folder:

chmod +x $HOME/massa/massa-node/massa-node \


  • Check wallet information: 


  • If you see a balance of > 100 proving that you have lost your Rolls, proceed to buy the Rolls again and stake

  • Buy Roll for the entire balance: massa_buy_rolls -mb

  • Reactivate the wagering feature: massa_cli_client -a node_add_staking_secret_keys

  • Wait 1 time (about 1-2h) for Rolls to be active, check again on the website if Active rolls is 1, then it is okay.